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    36 Cheap Products That Will Probably Feel Ridiculously Luxurious

    All of these are absolute bargains!

    1. You'd never know this sssstunnning ring only cost a fiver.

    2. Treat yourself to this letterbox-friendly hamper of Kinder chocolate!

    3. Decongest your pores with this smoothing niacinamide serum.

    4. These ankle socks are beeautiful.

    5. Your shoes will feel specially-made for you when you use these gel cushions!

    6. You can pop these reusable glittery eye pads in the fridge overnight for a refreshing treatment in the morning!

    7. This set of six bath bombs comes in a gorgeous gift box.

    8. I'm in love with this fairy light flower garland!

    9. This celestial headband is out of this world.

    10. I'm a huge fan of the gorgeous embroidery details on this small makeup bag!

    11. You'll feel like you've gotten a professional manicure after applying this peach-coloured nail polish from MYGEL.

    12. This compact UV lamp is perfect for gel nails!

    13. This True Match concealer from L'Oreal is available in seven different shades.

    14. This lavender-scented bath oil contains gorgeous purple crystals.

    15. Transform your day-three hair with these daisy scrunchies.

    16. These waterproof LED lights float, so they're a great way to make your bath even more magical.

    17. This balayage-friendly shampoo is cleansing and hydrating.

    18. This foaming body bar has a useful handle to ensure you don't lose it in the shower.

    19. You can't go too far wrong with a simple striped top (especially when it's less than a tenner!).

    20. Can you imagine anything better than finishing off your day with this salted caramel hot chocolate stirrer?

    21. These short leggings are the perfect mix of cosy and ~chic~.

    22. Okay, so this hand-crafted bamboo bowl is technically bang-on £10 and not under it, but it's so gorgeous I'm sure you'll forgive me.

    23. Treat your skin to this three-step mask from Oh K!.

    24. This sleek hand sanitiser spray doesn't just look great – it'll hydrate your hands while it cleans them, and it's incredibly handbag-friendly too.

    25. The gold detailing on this cement planter is just *chef's kiss*.

    26. Relieve some tension with this lil' massage roller.

    27. I honestly don't know who gave these butterfly earrings the right to look as good as they do.

    28. This blue and white ceramic plate is perfect for incense cones.

    29. These sterling sliver-plated earrings are frankly dinomite.

    30. This compact mirror has some adorable birds on its casing.

    31. These pastel-hued false nails are about to become your new favourite thing.

    32. These marble coasters have brass letters inlaid into them. Choose your initial for a fancy AF monogrammed dining accessory!

    33. These chamomile and lavender-scented incense sticks look as good as they smell.

    34. Turn your bathroom into a spa with this sisal body brush.

    35. You'll never be able to store biscuits in an opened packet again after seeing this cat-shaped cookie jar.

    36. The only thing more breathtaking than this purrfect pouch is the fact that it costs less than a tenner.

    Me when I saw these price points:

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