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    27 Products That Look Boring But Give Seriously Exciting Results

    Don't judge a book by its cover, okay?!

    1. This reusable makeup remover cloth gets rid of your cosmetics using only water.

    2. These anti-vibration feet will help to make your washing machine and tumble dryer quieter!

    3. You'll be able to swipe through the turnstile without having to take your card out thanks to this handy self-ashesive card wallet.

    4. This nonstick baking sheet is completely reusable!

    5. Make the most out of your water with this ionised filter shower head. It's incredibly easy to install – simply screw it onto your existing shower hose!

    6. These hydrocolloid patches just look like lil' clear circles, but their spot-covering, zit-zapping results are a sight to behold.

    7. Sure, these silicone strips might not stun at first sight, but you'll still probably fall in love with them after they seal that awkward gap between your countertops and your oven.

    8. This handy tester lets you check the power of your batteries without having to test a load of combinations out in your remote control.

    9. Reviewers have been wowed by how much this lil' bottle of niacinamide has helped their skin.

    10. Cover up those notoriously hard-to-clean stains on your grouting with this handy pen.

    11. These toilet gels will basically clean your toilet bowl for you with every flush, and they're incredibly easy to apply too.

    12. Yes, this earwax syringe sounds wild, and no, that hasn't stopped it from getting tons of positive reviews.

    13. Tackle your ant infestation at its source with these bait stations.

    14. This levomenthol stick claims to relieve the symptoms of your headache in two minutes.

    15. This jewellery cleaning pen will keep your most expensive belongings looking good as new.

    16. Customers say this eyelash serum has worked wonders for their lashes!

    17. This can colander(!) will keep your hands away from that slightly nasty tuna brine.

    18. If you're a little far behind on your laundry (we've all been there) or if you're just prone to spills, these stain remover pens are honestly a gift.

    19. These hangers drop down, so you can store up to five items of clothing using the rail space of just one hanger.

    20. These sticky index pads give you enough room to write down why you bookmarked a page, so you don't have to re-read the whole thing.

    21. These sockets have a timer, so you'll be able to make sure you haven't accidentally left your charger plugged in all day for no reason (the worst feeling).

    22. You can write your notes in this reusable book, upload them to its app, clean the page, and start again. Science, man.

    23. You can roll up this silicone water bottle when you're not using it and just chuck it into your bag!

    24. This microwave rice cooker will deliver perfectly fluffy grains in a matter of minutes.

    25. Save space with these collapsible colanders!

    26. You'll finally be able to hang up that one picture with the help of these Command strips.

    27. This gel insert will keep your pillow cool no matter what the weather.