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    27 Products That Look Boring But Give Seriously Exciting Results

    Don't judge a book by its cover, okay?!

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. This reusable makeup remover cloth gets rid of your cosmetics using only water.

    Amazon / Via

    This machine-washable cloth will get rid of your makeup in a couple of easy swipes. Just add water, run it over your face, and you're done!

    Price: £4.95.

    2. These anti-vibration feet will help to make your washing machine and tumble dryer quieter!

    Amazon / Via

    Stick them to the bottom of your washing machine or tumble dryer for some sweet, no-fuss noise reduction!

    Price: £9.39 for four.

    3. You'll be able to swipe through the turnstile without having to take your card out thanks to this handy self-ashesive card wallet.

    Amazon / Via

    The flap covers your cards for extra security, and the material is thick enough to ensure up to five cards stay safe while still connecting effectively to card readers. The adhesive backing of this holder means it fits all phones, and you can get it in 12 different colours too!

    Price: £7.99.

    4. This nonstick baking sheet is completely reusable!

    Amazon / Via

    This mat can withstand temperatures of up to 220°C, and its nonstick surface means you won't need to use as much oil or butter as you otherwise would. You can wash it in the dishwasher or in the sink whenever you need to, and it's freezer-safe as well.

    Price: £4.95.

    5. Make the most out of your water with this ionised filter shower head. It's incredibly easy to install – simply screw it onto your existing shower hose!

    Amazon / Via

    It contains ionised beads that remove limescale and other minerals from your water, so it's perfect if you're in a hard water area! It can also help to improve your water pressure and make your water 'softer' (so soaps and shampoos will last longer because they lather more quickly).

    Price: £8.99.

    6. These hydrocolloid patches just look like lil' clear circles, but their spot-covering, zit-zapping results are a sight to behold.

    Amazon / Via

    They'll draw the moisture and gunk out of your spots, helping to shrink (and ultimately get rid of) your zits for you.

    Price: £5.99 for 24.

    7. Sure, these silicone strips might not stun at first sight, but you'll still probably fall in love with them after they seal that awkward gap between your countertops and your oven.

    Amazon / Via

    Just slide one of these into that annoying gap to prevent crumbs, spills, and more from falling down it. You can trim these to size, size, and there's three different colours to choose from! Um, how did I not know about these before?!

    Price: £3.99 for two.

    8. This handy tester lets you check the power of your batteries without having to test a load of combinations out in your remote control.

    Amazon / Via

    You can fit any size of battery into this device, and you can close the sliding end down onto it to secure it into place. The power level in the battery will then be displayed on a lil' screen, so you'll know exactly how charged your batteries are at a glance!

    Price: £5.24.

    9. Reviewers have been wowed by how much this lil' bottle of niacinamide has helped their skin.

    Amazon / Via

    One of the great things about niacinamide is that it mixes really well with other active ingredients (it helps to absorb moisturiser brilliantly). It also works as a brightener, a smoothing agent, and an anti-ageing serum!

    Price: £10.99.

    10. Cover up those notoriously hard-to-clean stains on your grouting with this handy pen.

    Amazon / Via

    Its anti-fungal and antibacterial formula will brighten your grouting in the simplest way possible – just run the nib over the gaps in between your tiles and you're done.

    Price: £4.50.

    11. These toilet gels will basically clean your toilet bowl for you with every flush, and they're incredibly easy to apply too.

    Amazon / Via

    There's a plunger inside the pack that sticks the gel cleaners to your toilet bowl quickly and hygienically, and once they're in there they'll release a zesty-fresh smell every time water runs over them. Plus, there are cleaning agents inside each disc that help to tackle everything from limescale to buildup and other mess.

    Price: £5.75 for six discs and an applicator.

    12. Yes, this earwax syringe sounds wild, and no, that hasn't stopped it from getting tons of positive reviews.

    Amazon / Via

    It's got three openings on its antibacterial tip that clean your ears with water without spraying your eardrum directly. The nozzle is designed to ensure you can't push it too far into your ear as well!

    Price: £7.04.

    13. Tackle your ant infestation at its source with these bait stations.

    Amazon / Via

    The food inside is laced with slow-acting poison, so when worker ants bring it back to the queen ant, it'll remove the source of your six-legged troubles. FYI, because all the worker ants have to stay alive until the poison activates for these to work, you should leave the ants that gather around here alone – they'll disappear completely after a couple of days.

    Price: £4.25 for two.

    14. This levomenthol stick claims to relieve the symptoms of your headache in two minutes.

    Amazon / Via

    Run it over your forehead for a simple and effective treatment! Unlike regular medication, there's no limit to how often you can use this thing (which is handy, seeing as there's up to 100 applications per pack). It doesn't leave a greasy or sticky feeling on your skin, either!

    Price: £3.59.

    15. This jewellery cleaning pen will keep your most expensive belongings looking good as new.

    Amazon / Via

    The bristles of this brush will allow you to really ~get into~ everything from your precious stones to metals without damaging them. It works on silver, gold, platinum, diamond, and all other precious stones – customers say it's great at its job!

    Price: £8.95.

    16. Customers say this eyelash serum has worked wonders for their lashes!

    Amazon / Via

    The formula is packed full of lash-lengthening peptides and nourishing vitamin E, so your lashes will get stronger and look longer after repeated use (seriously, check the reviews). Its teeny-tiny brush will get right in between your lashes!

    Price: £5.98.

    17. This can colander(!) will keep your hands away from that slightly nasty tuna brine.

    Amazon / Via

    Normal colanders don't apply enough pressure to properly drain the stuff, and the holes are too big anyway which makes this can colander the perfect solution! It's made from stainless steel steel and has an easy-to-clean shape.

    Price: £2.99.

    18. If you're a little far behind on your laundry (we've all been there) or if you're just prone to spills, these stain remover pens are honestly a gift.

    Amazon / Via

    A highly effective way to remove everything from coffee spills to ketchup, these pens are incredibly easy to carry on the go (and they don't contain any colour-altering bleach, either). Customers love how easy to use and powerful they are!

    Price: £13.99 for three.

    19. These hangers drop down, so you can store up to five items of clothing using the rail space of just one hanger.

    Amazon / Via

    You'll be able to see everything that's on them at a glance!

    Price: £6.50 for 10.

    20. These sticky index pads give you enough room to write down why you bookmarked a page, so you don't have to re-read the whole thing.

    Amazon / Via

    The adhesive on the back will firmly attach to your pages without leaving a sticky residue behind! The lines on these pads will help you to neatly organise your writing too.

    Price: £7.59.

    21. These sockets have a timer, so you'll be able to make sure you haven't accidentally left your charger plugged in all day for no reason (the worst feeling).

    Amazon / Via

    Just plug these sockets into your regular ones and set the timer for however long you want your electronics to stay powered for. Customers say they're incredibly easy to use as well!

    Price: £10.99 for two.

    22. You can write your notes in this reusable book, upload them to its app, clean the page, and start again. Science, man.

    Amazon / Via

    If you love to write things down physically but wish you could save your notes digitally, this online notebook is perfect! Just write on its wipeable surface, scan the page with the accompanying app, and it'll save your work in a searchable form. It's infinitely reusable!

    Price: £14.99.

    23. You can roll up this silicone water bottle when you're not using it and just chuck it into your bag!

    Amazon / Via

    This silicone water bottle is BPA-free and rolls up when it's not full, so you won't have to lug a big empty bottle around when you're not using it! The material is really resistant and durable, and the cap is very secure. The flask can handle cold and hot temperatures and is available in five different colours.

    Price: £12.99.

    24. This microwave rice cooker will deliver perfectly fluffy grains in a matter of minutes.

    Amazon / Via

    Pop your rice in this insanely highly-reviewed cooker, add some water, microwave it, and you're done! It's got a pressure compartment to keep your rice moist, too.

    Price: £7.58.

    25. Save space with these collapsible colanders!

    Amazon / Via

    These BPA-free colanders are made with food-grade silicone. They fold flat when they're not in use, saving you some serious space in your cupboards!

    Price: £5.75 for two.

    26. You'll finally be able to hang up that one picture with the help of these Command strips.

    Amazon / Via

    You just have to peel the back off of these adhesive strips, apply them to your frame, and attach it to the wall to get that task finally ticked off your to-do list!! Don't worry, the adhesive won't damage your walls – it's easy to remove, and won't leave a sticky residue behind. A pair of these hooks can bear a weight of about 1.8kg!

    Price: £3.00 for four pairs.

    27. This gel insert will keep your pillow cool no matter what the weather.

    Amazon / Via

    It's got a stay-cool filling, so you won't even need to refrigerate it before use!

    Price: £8.95.