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    Here's All The Best Things To Do In London This Weekend

    I'm extremely ready to go out now that it's light before 10A.M.

    January 2023 was probably the longest month I've experienced so far, so it's no wonder everyone from your colleagues to the literal sun seems glad to see the back of it. The 5P.M. sky is now a manageable navy blue instead of an unrelenting pitch black, the trees are getting ready to overcome their seasonal-affective baldness, and, at last, people seem keen to go out again. Good times.

    So it should come as no surprise that London's social scene is blossoming right now, too. The Vaults festival is now in full swing, with more all-new acts and shows than you can shake a mic stand at; Sylvia has kicked off at the Old Vic; and the much-anticipated Akub has finally opened its stylish doors (to rave reviews). To help you officially break free of your winter cocoon, here are 18 of the best things to do in London this weekend!

    1. Haven't seen this Evanescent exhibition by Sydney-based artist Atelier Sisu yet? I reckon this weekend is the time to change that.

    2. Hear me out here – a load of clowns are going to descend on Haggerston in full regalia this Sunday to memorialise their fallen leader, and I'm finding it hard not to see it as the event of the year.

    3. I found out about this Van Gogh cafe at 11:36A.M., and had planned a trip there with my editor by 11:39.

    4. Think you're up on your Suffragette history? Catch hip-hop musical Sylvia at the Old Vic and come back with a whole new perspective on the fight for women's rights.

    5. Three words: London cheese crawl.

    6. Saatchi's Beyond The Streets is the most comprehensive graffiti and street art exhibition ever to open in the UK, making it more or less a must-see.

    7. Ever just read the title of an event and think "immediately, yes"? Well, I had that with Kew Garden's visual feast of an orchid festival.

    8. Why not kick off LGBT history month with a ticket to 'life-affirming' show My Son's A Queer, (But What Can You Do?).

    9. It feels like I can't avoid food critics' praise for the recently-opened Akub lately, and looking at their menu, I can completely understand why.

    10. I am very, very excited about free exhibition People Make Television. It shows tonnes of DIY TV from the '70s, including – unexpectedly – a collection of experimental episodes from the BBC that have remained mostly unaired since their initial broadcast.

    11. After a post-show meal, or just want to try some truly tasty hotpot? I've recently become a fan of Soho's Pot Pot Malatang, where you can create your dream bowl of soup from a dizzying array of delicious ingredients.

    12. Did someone say bottomless sushi and dimsum brunch? (It was me) (to my groupchat) (repeatedly).

    13. You know when your friends start talking about some cool-sounding event you never knew existed, and you just have to sort of nod and style your ignorance out until you can do a speedy loo Google? Yeah, that kept happening to me with The Vaults – and having since found out about London's hottest subterranean festival of all-new work, I'm very glad it did.

    14. Grab yourself the glammest (and tastiest) treats around by heading to the all-new Donutelier by Roladin store in Charing Cross Road.

    15. Light up your weekend (literally) at the Battersea Power Station display.

    16. Walking Hampstead Heath + nabbing one of those viral croissant cubes from Karma Bread bakery = a pretty perfect Sunday, IMO.

    17. Lynette Yiadom-Boakye's Fly In League With The Night exhibition is a must-see.

    18. If you're trying to learn more about your favourite morning brew, Caravan Coffee's beginner-friendly tour and tasting class might just be for you.