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19 Fashion Pieces That Look Insta-Worthy But Feel Like Loungewear

Comfortable + stylish = the perfect wardrobe, IMO.

Welcome to 💐 Spring Style Week 💐! With lockdown measures easing and things opening up, it's the perfect opportunity to start dressing up again. For the rest of this week we will be rounding up the best style pieces for picnics, the pub, and beyond!

1. Don't mind me, just ordering these beautifully baggy linen dungarees ASAP.

2. This Gen Z-esque mesh shirt delivers drama *without* any discomfort.

3. These trendy wide-leg trousers will feel like pyjamas.

4. Okay, but why is this super-soft sweatshirt so stunning?

5. This bright and cheery shirt dress is perfect for the warmer months ahead! It'll give the impression that you put way more effort into your *lewk* than you actually did.

6. Let's take a moment to thank the fashion gods for making comfy white trainers trendy again. These chunky ones from Skechers are as gorgeous as they are low-effort!

7. You'll feel like an influencer while wearing this oversized T-shirt.

8. For something so stunning, reviewers say that this spotty wrap dress is incredibly comfortable.

9. Well, it looks like I'm about to buy this 100% cotton skater dress that's deceptively breathable.

10. If you can't remember when you last wore jeans, these stylish and comfy wide-leg ones are the perfect reintroduction to denim.

11. Don't be fooled by the professional and chic style of this silky longline blazer – it's actually comfortable AF.

12. Customers love the fact that this oh-so-trendy tennis skirt has soft shorts sewn in underneath.

13. I love the sexy, easy-breezy vibes of this off-the-shoulder dress.

14. You can't go too far wrong with a classic T-shirt dress, which might just be why this one is so highly-rated!

15. Bring some weekday glam to your wardrobe with this oversized crewneck sweatshirt from Kiko.

16. Not only is the sheer metallic layer of this skirt stunning, but it'll also help to keep you cool.

17. This longline checked shirt will never go out of style!

18. This cropped cold-shoulder sweatshirt is 1) adorable, 2) super soft, and 3) under £6. What's not to like?!

19. And last but not least, I love these gorgeous leggings to the moon and back!

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