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    24 Products From Amazon We Tried And Loved In May

    Including some deceptively cheap sunglasses and a derm-approved moisturiser.

    1. La Roche-Posay's cult-status sunscreen has gotten everyone from beauty influencers to dermatologists excited.

    2. These sunglasses look much more expensive than they really are, if you ask us.

    3. Once you try this oh-so-satisfying head massager, I'm 99% sure you'll never go back.

    4. Get that oh-so-natural summer glow with these natural tints.

    5. Trick people into thinking you've got your nails professionally done by nabbing these sunflower decals.

    6. This travel-sized Polaroid Go camera is perfect for holiday snaps.

    7. If you've been meaning to try those viral gua sha and jade roller sets, this bargain one is basically too cheap to regret buying.

    8. This light-blocking sleep mask has an adjustable wire in its nose (genius, right?).

    9. And this suction cup-backed blackout blind adds even *more* sun protection (look, sleep is important, okay?).

    10. Look, I'm not saying you have to hop onto the Twilight resurgence with this colouring book. I'm just saying, you'd be pretty loca not to.

    11. This large gift bag has a heart-shaped tag (aww).

    12. This pop-up card is almost unreasonably beautiful!

    13. If you're an accidental plant murderer, this helpful pot will help you to atone for previous botanical sins.

    14. Fellow foodies will (rightly) lose it over these jars of pistachio cream.

    15. Keep your makeup refreshed throughout the day with e.l.f.'s coconut-infused mist.

    16. Remove your makeup without stripping your skin with this creamy La Roche-Posay option.

    17. And this Toleraine cleanser is a perfect follow-up.

    18. Lock in all that sweet, sweet moisture with this polyglutamic acid from The Inkey List.

    19. Cantu's sulphate-free shampoo and conditioner set is perfect for a range of curl types, from wavy to tightly-coiled.

    20. Faace's range includes products for hormonal skin, sweaty skin, and skin that just looks a little tired (yes, please).

    21. Tisserand's 'Total De-Stress' shower gel really does live up to its name.

    22. Brighten and smoothen your skin with this ridiculously well-reviewed vitamin C serum.

    23. If you haven't heard of e.l.f.'s hydrating primer yet, allow us to change your life (or at least your makeup routine).

    24. Stay hydrated with the help of this 2.2L water bottle.