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    Between Us, All The Best Cyber Monday Deals Are Preloved – Here's What To Buy From eBay's 'Refurbished' Section Before It's Too Late

    Including a De'Longhi discount that I, a shopping writer, have never seen before, and some eye-wateringly inexpensive iPhones.

    If you're not familiar with eBay's refurbished section already, allow me to introduce you to the smart internet shopper's best-kept secret. The section is brimming good-as-new products for less, they have a one-year guarantee, and you can often get free shipping and 30-day returns too! No wonder we check there first for our Cyber Monday deals – after all, why buy new when these deal-on-refurbished-discount Cyber Monday offers are so good?

    1. Let's start with their refurbished Ninja sale. Deals include this cult-status Foodi 7-in-1 Multi-Cooker and air fryer that's 25% off...

    2. ...and this ridiculously powerful three-in-one blender that just so happens to be 50% off.

    3. Save 25% off refurbished De'Longhi too! I've got my eye on this good-as-new bean-to-cup Autentica machine that's just under £325 here, but which has a sale price of £699 on De'Longhi's site right now. You can add a FURTHER 25% saving with code DLBF2022!

    4. They've got some impressive Skullcandy deals too, like these Hesh ANC over-ear headphones that are 50% off.

    5. And these SkullCandy wireless earphones are a stunning 60% off!

    6. Don't panic, but there's 30% off refurbished Dyson right now (and yes, that DOES include their Supersonic hairdryer).

    7. And yes, I WILL be nabbing myself a 30%-off V11 Absolute Cordless Dyson vacuum, thanks.

    8. It's well worth checking out their refurbished furniture and decor section, too! I mean, just look at this 60%-off Simba mattress.

    9. And this 37%-off solid oak and metal dressing table is almost too gorgeous to handle.

    10. Everyone whose wardrobe I envy shops at eBay pre-loved, so it's no surprise their Black Friday fashion deals are incredible. I love this Numph coat almost as much as I like its 25% price reduction!

    11. Three words: discounted refurbished TVs. Save 23% on this 32-inch Panasonic HD telly!

    12. After a new phone? You guessed it – eBay has a deal-filled refurbished section for that. This pre-loved iPhone 12 is a whopping 45% off!

    13. And if you're after a *true* bargain, this Motorola Moto E6 Play is 42% off right now.

    14. I'm embarrassed to admit how much time I've spent scrolling through their refurb tech section, but with deals like this 30%-off Lenovo IdeaPad, who can blame me?

    15. And the 40% discount on this 14-inch HP Chromebook isn't too shabby, either.

    16. As a foodie, I can't resist discounted refurbished SMEG appliances. I mean, a classic SMEG kettle for under £50? Almost unheard-of.

    17. And I can't really buy it without nabbing a sub-£60 matching toaster now, can I?

    18. I just don't see the point of forking out for a brand-new e-bike when these refurbished ones are such a steal. Save 40% (or £600) on this Vitesse Force electric mountain bike...

    19. ...or 33% off this Lombardo option.

    Point is, if you're choosing between brand-new products or ridiculously good refurbished saving, we know which we'd go for – check out eBay's entire refurbished Black Friday section if you're with us.