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    41 Products From Amazon's Discounted 'Overstock' Outlet That You'll Probably Want To Order ASAP

    Get ready to start saving!

    In case you didn't already know, Amazon have a discounted 'Overstock' section where you can find incredible products for less. Here are some of our fave finds!

    1. This tower extension lead is perfect if you're WFH, because it has four USB ports AND six regular sockets. Nab it while it's 32% off!

    2. Tackle spots as soon as they come up with this 59%-off blemish treatment gel.

    3. Save 30% on these TikTok-famous LED strip lights.

    4. These highly-rated Bluetooth headphones are a steal at 40% off.

    5. If you're sick of hunching over your laptop, this 52%-off aluminium riser has got your back (literally).

    6. This 38%-off toilet brush has a silicone head, so nothing will get stuck in between its bristles.

    7. Home cooks will adore this five-speed stand mixer (and I'm pretty sure they'll love its 29% discount, too).

    8. It'll go perfectly with this 33-piece silicone utensil set! It's down by 43% at the moment.

    9. This ten-piece face sheet set has something for every skin issue, from dryness to spots. The whole kit is 44% off!

    10. And you can mix your own beauty treatments with this 40%-off pair of clay and charcoal masks. Just add water or apple cider vinegar for a *deeply* satisfying pamper sesh!

    11. You'll be able to clean hard-to-reach nooks and crannies in your car, keyboard, and home with this mouldable and reusable gel. It's 27% off at the moment!

    12. Sorry, but how satisfying would it be to open your underwear drawer after putting this 20%-off organiser in it?

    13. Customers said that this makeup brush set was a steal even before it got its 41% discount.

    14. This sleek Bluetooth speaker is completely waterproof, and customers say it's got a seriously impressive battery life too (not bad for 46% off!).

    15. This beginner-friendly gel nail set contains everything you'll need to get started. It's 20% off!

    16. Well, it looks like I'm ordering this 42%-off folding bed table today.

    17. If you love the look of false lashes but hate how tricky they can be to apply, this 34%-off magnetic lash and liner set is ideal.

    18. Folks love the velvety finish of L'Oréal's 'Infallible' crayon lipsticks. Nab yours for 39% off!

    19. I'm struggling to believe that this set of ten glass food containers is 53% off, but here we are.

    20. I'm frankly incensed (sorry) that I bought my beloved Satya sticks before they got their 24% discount.

    21. You'll feel like you've just had a facial after using NIP+FAB's retinol-rich 'Extreme Tonic'.

    22. These 44%-off headbands will transform your day-three hair into a *lewk*.

    23. Channel your inner interior design influencer for 47% less with this pack of 30 pampas grass stands.

    24. These solar-powered outdoor lights are unbeelievably cute (oh, and they're 42% off too!).

    25. You'll be able to cook up a storm with this 31%-off non-stick griddle pan.

    26. The only thing better than this The Home Edit-worthy lazy Susan is the fact that it's 51% off.

    27. These reusable mesh bags are 1) perfect for produce, 2) gorgeous, and 3) 40% off. What's not to love?

    28. Detail your car for 18% less with this oscillating SonicScrubber kit.

    29. These low-hassle suction cup-backed hooks are a great way to add storage to pretty much any room in your home. They're down by 21%!

    30. Deeply hydrate your skin with Pixi's half-price serum.

    31. Maybelline's 'Total Temptation' brow pencil has wowed reviewers, making its 33% price reduction even more impressive!

    32. You'll be able to smell the savings with this lemon and basil-scented NEOM candle. It's a third off its usual price!

    33. This silicone shower brush will exfoliate the hard-to-reach spots on your back. It's currently reduced by 29%!

    34. Sorry, but how convenient do these 44%-off nail polish remover wipes sound?

    35. Save 32% on Ardell's cult-status 'Wispies' false lashes.

    36. Stock up on almond milk with this 24%-off pack of eight bottles.

    37. Don't mind me, just ordering these 41%-off dark chocolate truffles ASAP.

    38. Deep-clean your dishwasher with this twin-pack of cleaning fluid from Finish. They're 26% off!

    39. Save 35% on this Remington hair straightener.

    40. These ear candles will banish any built-up wax in your ears! They're 29% off right now.

    41. This essential oil diffuser is a bargain at 32% off.

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