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    41 Products From Amazon's Overstocked 'Outlet' Section That Belong In Your Basket This November

    Hello, savings.

    In case you didn't already know, Amazon have a discounted 'Overstock' section where you can find incredible products for less. Here are some of our fave finds!

    1. Save 69% on this stunning and seasonal eyeshadow palette.

    2. These stretchy armchair covers are a steal at 62% off.

    3. Grab a new wallet without emptying your current one thanks to this 64%-off RFID-blocking option.

    4. Nab 40% off this vitamin C cream that reviewers say has left their skin looking bright and smooth.

    5. These 59%-off lip tints are shaped like little wine bottles (aww).

    6. A 60%-off gua sha kit? Yes, please.

    7. This leakproof bento box is 1) dishwasher safe and 2) 58% off.

    8. Reduce your exposure to the blue light from your screens with these 58%-off glasses.

    9. This gaming headset is 57% off right now!

    10. Could these 48%-off solar-powered fairy lights bee any cuter?!

    11. And while we're on the topic, let's discuss the 28% price reduction on these colour-changing, solar powered lights...

    12. ...and these 24%-off indoor fairy lights.

    13. This 16-piece rose gold cutlery set is a bargain at 54% off.

    14. Save 52% on this set of four silicone food containers with satisfying snap lids. They fold flat when they're not in use!

    15. The only thing more comforting than this 100% cotton throw is its 20% price reduction.

    16. This 51%-off torch is rechargeable (genius, right?).

    17. These wireless Bluetooth earphones are half-off right now.

    18. Save 50% on this anti-spill pet feeding mat.

    19. Beauty lovers will like these brushes almost as much as they'll enjoy their 50% discount.

    20. Don't mind me, just nabbing this salt and pepper grinder set while it's 49% off.

    21. This 20%-off potato ricer will help you make the smoothest mash you've ever tried.

    22. Speaking of discounted utensils, check out the 49% price reduction on these silicone ones.

    23. These gorgeous gold-coloured hoop earrings are down by an equally stunning 48%.

    24. Smell the savings with this 47%-off set of six scented candles.

    25. Nab 35% off this Friends-themed duvet cover...

    26. ...or 46% off this adorable periodic table one.

    27. You can choose the date on this personalised, 47%-off whiskey tumbler, making it perfect for dad/grandad gifts.

    28. Okay, but why is this 12-piece mixing bowl set so gorgeous?!

    29. Hello, 46%-off knife sharpener.

    30. This A5 dragon notebook is a magical 44% off.

    31. Snap up the 43% discount on this (v chic?) faux leather nappy bag.

    32. Make using your air fryer even *more* faff-free with these 43%-off disposable liners.

    33. I adore this 43%-off corduroy tote bag.

    34. Replace single-use tinfoil and clingfilm with these reusable beeswax sheets that just so happen to be 41% off right now.

    35. Protect your hair for 26% less with this satin-lined beret.

    36. This gorgeous bath mat was a steal even BEFORE its 40% discount.

    37. Banish any wet weather frizz with this 41%-off ionic straightener brush.

    38. The bristles of this 40%-off toilet brush are made from silicone, so nothing will get caught in between them.

    39. Looks like I'm ordering these 20%-off sun and moon earrings today.

    40. These genius self-adhesive utensil holders rotate – not bad for 39% off, right?

    41. Stay cosy for less with this 38%-off scarf.

    Want to check out even MORE deals? You can view Amazon's entire 'Outlet' section by clicking here.

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