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    44 Products From Amazon's Overstocked 'Outlet' Section That Belong In Your Basket This January

    The post-Christmas bounty is impressive, people.

    In case you didn't already know, Amazon have a discounted 'Overstock' section where you can find incredible products for less. Here are some of our fave finds!

    1. Save a hair-raising 65% on L'Oreal's cult-status Wonder Water treatment.

    2. Our entire shopping team loves Seche Vite's long-lasting, chip-resistant topcoat, so we're all stocking up now it's 46% off.

    3. I would have found it hard to resist these luxuriously fluffy slippers even before their 60% discount.

    4. These 54%-off string lights work just as well in your garden as they do in your bedroom.

    5. Rimmel's 28%-off gift set would make the perfect backup pressie, IMO.

    6. As would Garnier's 48%-off eye sheet mask collection!

    7. The only thing better than selecting 'zero begs' at the self-service checkout is doing it because you nabbed this 34%-off corduroy tote bag instead.

    8. I bought this half-price set of four double-walled espresso mugs halfway through writing this.

    9. Dermatologists and SkinTok enthusiasts alike swear by retinol's smoothing, plumping effects, so I'd recommend buying NIP+FAB's 0.1% option while it's 35% off.

    10. If all this New Year running has been disastrous for your knees, these 38%-off compression sleeves are here to help.

    11. This half-price mason jar soap dispenser is almost too pretty to handle. Almost.

    12. Speaking of mason jars, this pair of waterproof lights is down by an impressive 52% right now.

    13. Save 69% on L'Oreal's Infallible strobe highlight stick.

    14. If your New Year's resolutions include 'saving money' and 'drinking more water', this 49%-off glass water bottle will kill two birds with one stone.

    15. And this insulated thermal mug flask is down by 49% ATM!

    16. This 63%-off Divine Wine shade from Maybelline >>>

    17. If you're after a new kitchen for the new year, this 48%-off dinnerware set is sure to stun. It contains enough gorgeous dessert bowls, plates, pasta bowls, and saucers for eight people!

    18. Did someone say 40%-off headphones? Sorry, I couldn't hear over their impressive noise-cancelling feature.

    19. Channel your inner chess master with this 40%-off wooden set.

    20. These 100% cotton herringbone kitchen towels are down by 40% right now.

    21. Organise everything from your fridge to your cupboards with these 40%-off containers.

    22. Upgrade your sofa for 40% less with this pair of velvet cushion covers.

    23. This indoor security camera is a steal at 40% off!

    24. I love the bright, highly-pigmented shades in this 48%-off Neon Jungle eyeshadow palette.

    25. How cute is this 40%-off mini Bluetooth speaker?!

    26. Hello there, 40%-off electric corkscrew and wine pourer set.

    27. Save an impressive 25% on these pillow-soft foam slippers.

    28. This 38%-off set of five pot holders is a bargain at under a tenner, IMO.

    29. And the 37% price reduction on this faux leather MacBook case isn't to be sniffed at, either!

    30. Propagate your plants for 36% less with this specially-designed tray.

    31. The bristles of this toilet brush are made from easy-to-clean silicone – not bad for 36% off, right?

    32. Save a sizzling 35% on this stainless steel sauté pan.

    33. And this non-stick roast tray and rack is 24% off too!

    34. This 23%-off 70L hiking backpack went into my basket ASAP.

    35. But if you're after something a little smaller, there's 32% off this 35L option too!

    36. Save 25% on a classic Collins 2023 diary.

    37. This 32%-off automatic toothpaste dispenser and caddy is frankly genius.

    38. These expensive-looking machine-washable placemats were honestly a steal even before their 32% price cut.

    39. If (like me) you're as clumsy as you are forgetful, consider the 30% price reduction on this silicone AirPods case to be a sign.

    40. Speaking of, this TikTok-worthy phone bag is 29% off right now.

    41. This 27%-off set of springform cake tins is just *chef's kiss*.

    42. Your guests will never know you nabbed these relentlessly pretty hand towels for 24% less than you'd usually pay.

    43. Beauty buffs, rejoice – Maybelline's cult-status Colossal mascara is down by 25% right now.

    44. Oh, and you can save 29% on Real Techniques' eye makeup brushes too!

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