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    45 Foolproof Mother's Day Gifts She'll Never Know Are From Amazon

    *collects "best offspring" award*

    1. If they say they want quality time with you this Mother's Day but you're not exactly sure how to wrap that, this afternoon tea hamper is here to help. It contains scones, handmade biscuits, Earl Grey tea, and more!

    2. You can get their name engraved onto this sophisticated slate coaster.

    3. This Burt's Bees gift set comes in an adorable box and includes vanilla-scented lip balm and cuticle cream.

    4. Indulge her inner chocoholic with this Hotel Chocolat box.

    5. And if she loves *all* food, she'll adore this six-piece nonstick cookware set (that just so happens to be dishwasher-safe).

    6. She'll be able to choose her own experience gift from this open-ended pressie that offers 2,995 options. She can pick from scuba diving, an afternoon tea, an overnight stay in a forest hut, a spa day, and loads more! Oh, and it's valid for up to two years too.

    7. Okay, but how plantastic is this pop-up card that doubles up as decor?!

    8. If your mum loves to cook, Ottolenghi's Simple cookbook is chock-full of recipes that are the perfect mix of adventurous and achievable.

    9. If they love a good brain teaser (which, same), this mindfulness puzzle book will give them all the games they love packaged in a seriously lovely cover.

    10. Home bakers will adore these incredible measuring spoons!

    11. Either prepare a shimmering, colour-changing bottle of gin for your mum with this kit or give it to her as a fun project. Or, you two can make it together (aww)!

    12. These gorgeous wine glasses are slightly iridescent.

    13. How much of a steel (sorry) is this personalised metal lighter?!

    14. This perfume from Sarah Jessica Parker has gotten some rave reviews!

    15. Customers love these simple flower-shaped earrings, which come in a gift box!

    16. Caffeine addicts will relate deeply to this mug.

    17. I'm just saying, running a bath for your mum and then putting one of these shelves on it with some wine and a couple of candles probably won't go unappreciated.

    18. The lil' cup is almost unbearably sweet.

    19. These salt and pepper shakers are as pretty as they are useful.

    20. These coasters are cute as a button.

    21. Add some much-needed comfort to your mum's life with this bath pillow.

    22. These warming slippers are ridiculously cute!

    23. If they've got a sweet tooth, they'll probably appreciate this 2.4-kilogram box of Celebrations.

    24. I can pretty much promise that this No.3 London Dry Gin will hit the spot if they love their gin. It's pretty enough to count as decor too IMO!

    25. This ridiculously highly-rated Tile Pro set will make the most relentlessly practical mums happy. They'll make sure their keys and wallet are always trackable via the Tile app, and they'll be able to ring their phone back from the Tile gadgets too!

    26. You can't go too far wrong with this highly-rated Shiatsu back massager.

    27. Give the most type-A mums their new fave gift with this stunning stationery set from Bic!

    28. This 2022 almanac is filled with seasonal recipes, useful facts, and stunning illustrations! It's ideal for gardeners, home cooks, or anyone who loves the outdoors.

    29. This teapot and teacup set for one might just be the most adorable thing I've ever seen.

    30. And this terracotta watering can looks *much* more expensive than it actually is!

    31. How gorgeous is this Frida Kahlo mug and saucer set?!

    32. You can't go too far wrong with an absolutely massive bar of Cadbury milk chocolate (especially when it costs less than £10).

    33. This lil' porcelain elephant comes in the most adorable matchbox packaging.

    34. You'll get some serious bang for your buck with this mini spa gift set from Sanctuary Spa. It contains some shower gel, a tub of body scrub, body butter, and a loofah!

    35. Skincare buffs will adore these 'RevitaLift' day and night creams from L'Oréal.

    36. This wholesome bracelet is a steal at less than a fiver.

    37. This shower steamer offers all the *luxury* of a bath bomb, but without any need for an actual tub.

    38. This leaf trinket dish looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    39. I'm honestly not sure how I've gone this long without this neck and shoulder hot water bottle!

    40. Okay, they might seem to have it all, but do they have a literal star named after them? This fun kit allows you to give that to them!

    41. This genius candle smells like an old bookshop (ugh, the dream).

    42. I'm honestly not sure how I lived without this absolute steal of an 8kg weighted blanket.

    43. COSRX's Snail 92 all-in-one cream has been all over TikTok and IG lately (for good reason).

    44. They'll think you nabbed this mini recycled cotton notebook from an artsy market stall!

    45. And this grow-your-own sunflower kit is blooming brilliant (yup).