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    Loads Of Shops Now Have "Staying In" Sections Filled With Lockdown-Friendly Products – Here Are Our Fave Picks So Far

    Some are fun, some are functional, and all of them are incredible.

    Urban Outfitters stay-in section

    1. There's enough stuff in this boredom-busting kit to keep you entertained for ages!

    2. This "Where's Bowie?" jigsaw puzzle is as pretty as it is fun to complete.

    3. This sports day kit is great if you've got a garden.

    4. This Bob Ross colouring book has exactly the right vibes we all need right now IMO.

    5. This lil' palm reading book is about to become your favourite thing.

    6. This skincare set from Bauer looks incredibly satisfying to use.

    Oliver Bonas stay-in section

    7. This K-beauty foot mask will get rid of the excess skin on your soles.

    8. This cat-stacking game is played exactly the way you think it is.

    9. You can colour in this mandala puzzle after completing it.

    10. Treat your eyes to these self-heating masks.

    11. You can up your at-home yoga game in style with these (very pretty) dice!

    12. This book is a helpful reminder that life has its ebbs and flows, and it's okay to manage them in your own way.

    Firebox self-isolation essentials

    13. Give yourself or someone you love the gift of surprise with this specially-designed isolation mystery box.

    14. Grow your own plants in the cutest way possible with one of these egglings.

    15. You can brew your very own gallon(!) of beer at home using this helpful set.

    16. These CBD-infused gummies will keep you feeling chill.

    17. You can blow actual bubbles with this bubble bath.

    18. Indulge in these melting hot chocolate bombes (I'm not drooling, you are).

    Anthropologie's WFH edit

    19. Make sure nobody else uses your fave mug by choosing one of these monogrammed bistro-style cups.

    20. This tin can recipe book is an ideal way to use up all the bits and pieces in your cupboard.

    21. This refreshing green tea and cucumber spritz from Mario Badescu is a great pick-me-up during that 2pm slump.

    22. Want to start journalling but aren't a fan of how much time and commitment it takes? This One Line A Day journal solves that problem.

    23. Get rid of the bags under your eyes before that work video call with these rejuvenating eye gel patches.

    24. Keep on top of your WFH schedule in the prettiest way possible by using this desk (or, you know, kitchen table) pad.

    Not On The High Street "Time Well Spent" edit

    25. This cherry tomato jute bag allows you to grow your own fresh produce indoors.

    26. This pasta-making kit is made with beginners in mind – it's got everything you need to get started!

    27. Get into a new hobby or just add to your stitched works of art with this pretty embroidery circle.

    28. Make your own salted caramel and milk chocolate truffles with these culinary kits.

    29. This three-month baking subscription comes with different recipes each month!

    30. Make your own face masks at home with this incredible kit.