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    54 Products Under £6 To Upgrade Every Room Of Your Home

    Including elasticated liners that won't fall into your bin and some seriously inexpensive LED lights.

    1. Sorry, but how many of you knew that this dust mite and flea-banishing spray existed and didn't tell me about it? Spray it onto your sofa, rugs, or other soft furnishings to protect them from pests for up to three months!

    2. If (like me) you're obsessed with The Home Edit, you'll understand why these wipe-clean chalkboard labels are pretty much a must-have.

    3. Being greeted by the smell of sandalwood and apple when you open the door sounds pretty elite, right? This plug-in air freshener from Glade will deliver that for up to 100 days from single refill.

    4. Keep on top of your grocery list with this magnetic whiteboard that'll stick effortlessly to your fridge.

    5. These smart LED lights will transform any room you put them in.

    6. If you've been meaning to buy a bedroom bin for a while now, consider the under-£3 price tag of this adorable one to be a sign.

    7. Okay, but how cute is this porcelain heart?

    8. You'll *finally* be able to organise The Dreaded Mess in your cupboard or drawers by nabbing this plastic container.

    9. This salt rock tealight holder looks like it costs way more than it actually does.

    10. And so does this set of four acacia wood coasters!

    11. Enjoy the summer sun coming through your windows without having to worry about your curtains flapping around in the breeze by buying these nifty tiebacks.

    12. If your house gets mouldy or damp way too often, it might be time to nab these low-hassle dehumidifiers.

    13. You'll be able to see your name in lights (literally) with these LED letters.

    14. Deep-clean your tiles or floors with this (somehow very stylish) stiff-bristled brush.

    15. Get rid of any flies in your home with these sunflower-shaped fly traps that you can stick straight onto your windows.

    16. Keep your home smelling fresh (without the need to get a lighter out) with these 'Pink Sands' fragrance spheres from Yankee Candle.

    17. I didn't expect to look at a kitchen roll holder and think "how chic" today, but this matte black wall-mounted one brought me there.

    18. You'll finally have a place to store your kitchen sponge after nabbing this over-the-tap silicone holder.

    19. I CANNOT get over these bin liners that have elastic tie handles! They'll prevent your bin bag from falling into your bin (I mean, come on).

    20. And while we're on the subject, you can pop this genius bin over your kitchen cabinets for some seriously low-hassle food prep.

    21. You'll be able to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom tiles without having to whip out any tools thanks to these peel-and-stick transfers.

    22. Anyone who's used a separate smoother on their sealant will kick themselves after discovering that this genius filler refreshes your silicone sealant and smooths it at the same time!

    23. Well, it looks like I'm ordering these mini cactus fridge magnets today.

    24. Not only does this genius mat protect your sink from scratches and stains, but it'll ALSO help to dry your dishes. What's not to love?

    25. If you appreciate smart storage but hate the mess and hassle of installing screw-in hooks, these self-adhesive ones are ideal.

    26. The fluffy material of this non-slip bath mat makes it extra absorbent.

    27. This wooden holder 1) looks stunning, 2) will protect your countertops from sticky soap residue, and 3) helps your bar soap to dry out faster.

    28. Store everything from cotton pads to hair ties in these gorgeous acrylic holders.

    29. Speaking of storage, you'll be able to declutter your shower floor with the help of this easy-drain hanging caddy.

    30. Protect your sinks from hair, food, and more with these inexpensive drain strainers.

    31. If I ever seem distracted, it's probably because I'm thinking about this suction cup-backed toothbrush and razor organiser. I mean, the efficiency.

    32. This mould-repelling shower curtain has magnetic coins in its base to prevent it from sticking to you as you shower (genius, right?).

    33. This neon light is (I'm so sorry) out of this world.

    34. These abstract posters couldn't be any more stunning if they tried.

    35. Nor could these gorgeous cushion covers, TBH.

    36. Don't mind me, just Googling whether or not it's possible to legally adopt this ladybird-shaped kitchen timer.

    37. Replace your missing plug with this inexpensive one (because frankly, that misappropriated bottle cap is NOT cutting it).

    38. This nifty shower squeegee has a suction cup on its back for easy storage.

    39. Store your baking supplies in this airtight container!

    40. You'll have a cleaner shave (literally) when you use this hair catcher.

    41. You cannot convince me that this stained glass-look decal isn't an absolute must-have.

    42. I'm honestly struggling to believe that these faux ivy vines cost as little as they do, but here we are.

    43. Protect your countertops from scalds and burns by using this heat-resistant silicone trivet. It works as a jar gripper, a spoon rest, and more!

    44. Keep your floors sparkling with the help of this reusable flat mop pad. It's machine-washable!

    45. If you're tired of cleaning your loo only to realise that bleach won't budge the limescale buildup at its base, this highly effective pumice stone is here to help.

    46. Life sometimes feels like a never-ending list of minor kitchen tasks, so it's a good thing that this Teflon oven liner exists. It'll protect the base of your cooker from spills, stains, and crumbs!

    47. Banish the Dreaded Patch from your carpet or soft furnishings with Dr. Beckmann's stain remover.

    48. Indulge your bougie side by buying this pair of luxe-looking satin pillowcases. They're kind to your hair and skin!

    49. These handmade wax melts smell of cinnamon (ugh, the dream).

    50. Avoid that annoying splash when you turn your taps on by nabbing these rubber swirls.

    51. Make your grimiest appliance look new again by using this deep-cleaning Oven Brite kit.

    52. These genius liners prevent ice from building up on your shelves, making cleaning out your freezer much easier.

    53. This highly absorbent Bin Buddy powder will soak up any excess moisture in your liners. Customers love its fresh citrus scent!

    54. Some customers say that this extra-powerful hob cleaner has gotten rid of the persistent and burnt-on stains that they thought were beyond help!

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