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    January Has Lasted 1,574 Days So Far, So Here's 29 Helpful Products To Try If You're Exhausted By Life RN

    Someone tell February 2023 to stop playing so hard to get.

    1. Struggle to make yourself the kind of breakfast that doesn't leave you feeling sluggish for the rest of the day? Same, but fear not – this unspeakably cute egg cup is probably the best motivator around.

    2. Maybe it's the broken nails, maybe it's the desperate rummaging for a clean kitchen knife, or maybe it's the fruitless, last-ditch attempt to pull packaging tape apart with my bare hands – somehow, opening parcels always takes way more out of me than it reasonably should. Thankfully, this mini package opener is here to help!

    3. I never understand the phrase 'the straw that broke the camel's back' as much as I do when my post-work food prep results in a briney, tuna-scented sleeve. Good thing this silicone can strainer keeps my hands far, far away from all that ~dubious liquid~ then!

    4. This Bin Buddy powder understands two important facts: 1) there are many things I don't need to know about myself, and 2) 'what a week's worth of my rubbish smells like' ranks pretty highly among them.

    5. I don't know why trying to use a crusted-shut toothpaste tube in the morning makes the rest of your day about fifty times worse. I just know that these universal silicone caps are going in my basket immediately.

    6. I'll admit that I was a robovac skeptic until I tried this Yeedi 2 mop and vaccum one, but now I can't imagine my life without it. I can choose to only clean the rooms my flatmates are happy to leave open, I can set a regular cleaning time, I can help it to map out our home, and I can map out my flat's floor plan too – the future is here.

    7. Turns out buying some decent yoga shorts actually did make me go to the gym more, despite my late-winter hermit tendencies.

    8. This shower shield solution means that I don't have to worry about fingerprints or shampoo stains forming on my glass or metal surfaces during the week (sweet relief).

    9. I reckon the days I start with freshly-ground coffee are about 30 times better than all the others. This Krups grinder is speedy and easy enough to clean that I use it about five days a week!

    10. If your New Year's resolution to work out more is losing out to your complete lack of willingness to change clothes after a long day at work, we have something in common. Thankfully, this versatile pair of sweat-wicking T-shirts look as good in the office as they do in the gym!

    11. Sick of pouring a glass of wine out for yourself after work only to realise it's gone off? Same. You'll be able to keep your opened wine fresh for up to a week(!!) by using these vacuum stoppers.

    12. Sorry, but your kitchen basically isn't complete without these reusable stretchy silicone lids – especially if, like me, your diet becomes 99% leftovers as the week progresses.

    13. Duzzit's (bloody massive) bottle of baking soda does pretty much every cleaning task you can imagine, and it helps to neutralise odours too! It's a great leave-on-and-go-about-your-day treatment – I like to leave a baking soda paste in my oven overnight for a low-hassle deep-clean the next day.

    14. I'm not saying you would forget to wash your hair and wake up to some flat locks that you're not sure how to style. I'm just saying that if you did, some dry shampoo could probably help.

    15. You won't have to face condensation in your car's windshield first thing in the morning after nabbing this dehumidifier bag.

    16. These clips will help you style your tresses in no time, even when you've got some serious day-three hair.

    17. These drop-down hangers are ideal for anyone who's ever thought "wow, for someone with almost no storage, I sure do have a lot of clothes". They'll help you to plan your work outfits in advance too!

    18. If the barely-there makeup trend goes out of style in a couple of years, I'm okay with becoming out of touch – natural-looking, glowy products like this e.l.f. monochromatic stick look great on every person I see wearing them, and they make speeding through your work week routine that little bit easier too.

    19. Ah, chunky white trainers – the backbone of every 'low-effort but still put-together' outfit I've been jealous of in the last five years or so. FILA's Disruptor 2s have been my go-to for ages now, because they make every floordrobe-sourced outfit I chuck on during the week look that bit more considered.

    20. You know when half of your bin liner falls into the bin and it makes removing the whole bag a *much* grosser process? Yeah, that won't happen with these bags that have elasticated tops.

    21. If (like me) that relentless pile of dishes in your sink is probably your most common stressor, this ruthlessly efficient Scrub Mommy sponge is here to help.

    22. These spot patches understand how much you do not need to look at a fresh spot when you first wake up on a work day. They'll camouflage and cover your zits instantly, and having tried them myself I can vouch for their near-invisible claims.

    23. Coty Airspun powder has a cult following for a reason. This stuff will help to give your makeup a flawless finish, even if you've spent next to no time actually applying it!

    24. These microfibre towel wraps will help your hair dry faster *and* reduce frizz (an absolute gift for us long-haired folks).

    25. I'm not sure why lunch is the hardest meal to plan, but I for one can never think of what to make. This toaster-friendly Crimpit option is a genius solution – it's like a toastie maker, but requires way less space and hassle.

    26. If the thought of whipping up a speedy, confoundingly delicious meal within about half an hour of getting home gets you excited, 1) we have something in common, and 2) it might be time for you to finally try an air fryer.

    27. And because cooking is probably the most draining task for me during the work week, I've got my eye on this two-in-one Joseph Joseph scoop and colander which means I can take pasta straight from the pot into my bowl.

    28. Take it from someone with more fine, rebellious hair than they know how to deal with – this strand-taming wand is worth its weight in gold.

    29. These ultra-soft noise-isolating earphones are designed for people who like to listen to podcasts or music as they fall asleep (genius, right?!).