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    Hello, Hi, We're In A Furnace – Here Are The Products Reviewers Say Actually Help With The Heat

    For everything from those post-sweat blisters to overheated bedding.

    1. Protect your feet from the heat, sweat, and friction of your summer shoes with this anti-blister stick.

    2. And this long-lasting gel will protect you from the firey furnace that is thigh chafing.

    3. These freezer sticks will keep your beers drool-worthily cool for you – just place them in the freezer for 30 minutes before you use 'em.

    4. I'm not saying you would get caught off-guard by a heatwave and end up sunburned. I'm just saying that if you did, this soothing aftersun solution from Malibu would have your back (literally).

    5. Anyone who's stared at American ice dispensers in envy will understand why I had to include this three-litre water dispenser! It'll give you fridge-cold drinks at the press of a button (yesss).

    6. Crack open a (genuinely) cold one instead of facing a lukewarm tin of flat lager thanks to this fashion-forward can cooler.

    7. Avoid slow-roasting yourself while driving or on the bus by nabbing this super portable mini fan.

    8. I find that my hair dries out in no time when it experiences sudden temperature and humidity changes, so it's a good thing that L'Oréal's 'Wonder Water' treatment deeply hydrates your tresses in as little as eight seconds.

    9. Keep your mattress sweat stain-free with this waterproof fitted sheet.

    10. Like to sprint to the beach the second it gets over 20 degrees? Allow me to introduce you to this genius sand-resistant towel.

    11. If your current bedding is designed more for chilly winter evenings than sweltering summer nights, it might be time to buy this thin 4.5-tog duvet that's gotten rave reviews.

    12. This maximum-strength deodorant will last you for several days at a time, so you can be doubly sure you won't be That Person on the tube.

    13. This reusable barbecue liner will make cleaning up after a grill about 500% easier. It comes in a huge roll, so you can cut out a mat that fits the job *exactly*! It doubles up as an oven liner too, so you'll still get some use out of it when it's more of a roast dinner weekend.

    14. These watering globes will keep your plants hydrated for you for around two weeks at a time, so you won't look over one day to discover that your fave ferns have all but turned to dust in the summer heat.

    15. Is walking your furry friend your fave part of summer? You can keep your pet hydrated while you're out and about no matter how far away you are from a tap by buying this clever bottle!

    16. British homes tend to be fairly old, giving critters plenty of cracks and crevices to enter your house through. You can buy the bugs in your home a one-way ticket out of there without having to deal with a grim fly chandelier by nabbing these sticky stakes!

    17. And these ant baits will help to prevent colonies from overtaking your kitchen by targeting the queen of the nest.

    18. Not only will this screw-on head make your water softer, but it'll ALSO improve the pressure (hello, doubly satisfying summer showers).

    19. You know that hot-but-sticky muggy weather the UK loves to bestow upon us? Well, these low-hassle dehumidifiers might just make it a little more bearable.

    20. Unlike with other brands, this sunshade will reach all the way down to the edges of your car window.

    21. Garnier's natural-looking gradual tan moisturiser delivers an even glow that'll pair perfectly with those gorgeous summer outfits you've got lined up.

    22. Turn fruit into a tasty frozen treat with these silicone ice lolly moulds and popsicle sticks. They come with a nifty funnel for mess-free transfer!

    23. Some reviewers say that they haven't been bitten by insects once since buying this bug-repelling spray! It'll help you to enjoy your sunbathing sessions stress-free.

    24. Pair it with these mini freezer blocks for an *extra* refreshing spread!

    25. This 15-litre insulated picnic bag will keep your food and drink cool (hello, cold cans in the sunshine).

    26. This ice cream maker will give you a sweet treat to eat when it's hot outside.

    27. The only part of this (low-key genius) pool you'll have to inflate is the top ring – the rest assembles itself when you add water.

    28. This sunscreen is designed to sit on top of your makeup *without* disrupting it.

    29. Enjoy the sunshine streaming into your room without feeling stuffy and sweaty thanks to this highly-rated fan (Alexa, play 'Best Of Both Worlds' by Hannah Montana).

    30. You can use O'Keeffe's cream on your heels to get them summer sandal-ready.

    31. Your pram just isn't complete without this protective blackout blind (and yes, it is a universal fit).

    32. This cooling gel pillow insert will keep itself cold, so it'll be ready for bed when you are.

    33. And before you ask, I'll answer: yes, there is a mattress topper version.

    34. This cooling mist is perfect for those 'I just need something cold now' moments.

    35. And if even an extra-thin duvet sounds like way too much right now, this cooling and moisture-wicking blanket is ideal.

    36. If that 5AM sunrise bothers you just as much as the heat, this silky eye mask comes with a cooling gel insert (genius, right?).

    37. Hear me out here: a hot water bottle can keep you cool too (just fill it with ice instead of boiling water).

    38. This cooling neck wrap is incredibly refreshing.

    39. These satin pillowcases are much more refreshing than their cotton counterparts (and it doesn't hurt that they're kinder to your skin and hair, too).

    40. Get more cooling bang for your buck with this stay-cold knee pillow that provides extra airflow *and* a chilled gel coolant.