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    64 Foolproof Gifts For People Who Are Hard To Buy For

    Because 'family time :)' isn't actually available on Prime, Janet.

    1. This irresistible letterbox-friendly Christmas tree is a non-invasive way to make sure that even your Grinchiest friend gets some festive joy in their life. It contains everything from baubles to battery-powered lights!

    2. Grandparents and siblings alike will love this trio of iconic tea caddies from Fortnum & Mason. It contains their much-loved breakfast and afternoon blends alongside some classic Earl Grey!

    3. Feed your vegan friends with these watermelon-flavoured fizzy sweets. They're ridiculously highly-rated!

    4. In that awkward new relationship stage where you don't want to get anything too big, but can't not buy them something? These takeaway and dinner-deciding dice are a great way to jokily suggest that you two should spend more nights in together.

    5. If, like me, you really care about a footie fan (but nowhere near enough to actually learn about the game), I've got you. This hardback book contains the most memorable newspaper headlines in their fave footie team's history. There are 62 teams to choose from, so you're bound to find their club!

    6. This multi-tool pen works as a spirit level, a ruler, a Phillips screwdriver, AND a flat screwdriver (phew). It's ideal if they only really get excited by practical pressies!

    7. Teens can be hard to buy for, but we're pretty sure that they'll love these classic 1460 Doc Martens regardless of whether they're 13 or 19.

    8. This pre-seasoned cast iron pan is guaranteed to make home cooks smile (they'll never need to know it cost you less than £32!).

    9. Your most high-maintenance pal will love this Friexenet advent calendar that contains 12 decadent sparkling mini wines.

    10. If they say they want quality time with you this Christmas but you're not exactly sure how to wrap that, this afternoon tea hamper is here to help. It contains a scone mix, some clotted cream, and mini marmalade and jam jars.

    11. Give mums this incredibly highly-rated spa kit. It's bursting with relaxing goodies, like bath salts and a head massager!

    12. Buying for a beauty buff can be a struggle if you're not really a makeup or skincare fan, so it's a good thing that Feelunique's steal of a beauty box exists! Its contents are worth over £61 when sold separately, but you'll only have to pay £15.

    13. And Star Wars-loving dads will appreciate this 'Yoda best' mug.

    14. Not sure what to get the person who seems to have everything? This smartphone projector will completely change their Netflix binges!

    15. Ah, teens these days – what do they want? Well, if they're into makeup, it's probably something along the lines of this TikTok-famous 'Sky High' mascara.

    16. And if you're after something a little more luxe, Glossier's makeup and bag gift set is perfect for gen Zs and millenials.

    17. If their main love is their garden, I can almost guarantee that they'll love this unique bird feeder. It'll be fun for the entire household to watch!

    18. If they're too young to own a phone, they'll love this inexpensive 32GB digital camcorder. It's a brilliant gift for kids aged 3+!

    19. Not sure what to get your grandad? This wooden breakfast board will let them know how eggcellent you think they are!

    20. It is a truth universally acknowledged that these Jane Austen-themed tarot cards are the perfect bookish gift if you don't want to buy them a novel they've more than likely read already.

    21. Anyone who's old enough to remember the '90s will lose it over this box of retro sweets. It includes Sherbet Dip Dabs and fizzy Refreshers!

    22. Folks who really do just want 'the family all together' for Christmas will love this personalised family tree print.

    23. Your workaholic pal will be able to relieve some stress with this swear word colouring book.

    24. Older children can be hard to buy for, but I've found that this oven-bake polymer clay is perfect for primary school kids AND pre-teens.

    25. If they love nature but live in a flat, this adorable kit is ideal. It contains everything they'll need to grow their very own sunflower!

    26. This milk chocolate controller is perfect for people who never leave their gaming station unless they strictly have to.

    27. This mystery box is packed full of highly-rated gadgets that reviewers love. Its contents are worth over £100 when sold separately, and it's perfect for the person who absolutely refuses to give you any hint about what they want!

    28. If they're all about their booze but you're not much of a drinker, I can pretty much promise that this No.3 London Dry Gin will hit the spot. It's pretty enough to count as decor too IMO!

    29. This colour-in world map pillowcase is an incredible gift for kids AND parents. It comes with ten washable markers, so it'll be good to go again after a spin in the washing machine.

    30. This slipper gift set from Baylis & Harding is the perfect present for that person you never expected to buy you a gift.

    31. Give these satin pillowcases to your fanciest friend. Their smooth material is kind to skin and hair!

    32. Plant parents will lose it over these watering globes. Each one will keep their plants' soil hydrated for two weeks at a time!

    33. Even the person who insists that they don't want a gift will appreciate this touching pull-out photo album.

    34. This ridiculously highly-rated Tile Pro set will make the most relentlessly practical person in your life merry. They'll make sure their keys and wallet are always trackable via the Tile app, and they'll be able to ring their phone back from the Tile gadgets too!

    35. This personalised metal train ticket is ideal for your loved ones who live far away! It's a great way to remind them that you'll meet up IRL again some time.

    36. That family member who you've met about twice but need to give a present to will get some use out of this pretty 2022 diary.

    37. Socks are a classic gift for a reason – they're the perfect mix of cute and useful! These artsy pairs are perfect for the *creatives* in your life.

    38. Sheet masks will make everyone from your aunt to your BFF happy. This hydrating and nourishing set from Garnier has wowed reviewers!

    39. Want to give the guys in your life a gift that isn't yet another deodorant set? Try these reusable whiskey stones that'll keep their drink cool without diluting it.

    40. These incredible sachets will change the colour of any flames they chuck them onto (I know, right?!). They're a great perfect-for-anyone gift to keep on hand in the festive season!

    41. Kids will be excited to see Santa's dropped driver's license. It contains loads of fun festive details, like Mr Claus' home address and his signature!

    42. Don't know that colleague or friend-of-a-friend well enough to list their fave chocolates? Hotel Chocolat's 'Everything Sleekster' includes a variety of different flavours, from Eton Mess truffles to caramel cheesecake chocolates!

    43. Even if they seem to have every item of Drag Race merch out there, this 'Sashay Away' mug will probably be a novel addition to their collection.

    44. Don't mind me, just ordering this curry kit for every foodie I know! It contains tasty spice mixes and accompanying recipes.

    45. Gift these personalised pet photo socks to the pal who'd rather hang out with their furry friends over anyone else.

    46. Okay, but how gorgeous is this bottle of eau de cologne? It smells of bergamot, lemon, and rosemary.

    47. You can't go too far wrong with this highly-rated Shiatsu back massager.

    48. Left that important gift to the last minute? Don't worry – this strawberries and cream-scented pamper kit has a next-day delivery option!

    49. Your buddy who would live in the gym if they could will be glad to receive these resistance bands.

    50. If they prefer savoury food over the sweet stuff, Fortnum & Mason's honey truffle stilton is ideal.

    51. We all know at least one person who seriously struggles to relax. This soothing pillow spray and roll-on set from Feather & Down might just help them to unwind!

    52. Movie and TV buffs will adore this scratch-off poster that suggests 100 iconic titles to add to their watchlist.

    53. Your most stylish pal will give you the Miranda Priestly nod of approval when they see this satin Juicy Couture robe.

    54. Give your most type-A friend their new fave gift with this stunning stationery set from Bic!

    55. This 2022 almanac is filled with seasonal recipes, useful facts, and stunning illustrations! It's ideal for gardeners, home cooks, or anyone who loves the outdoors.

    56. These perfect-for-everyone hot chocolate stirrers are deliciously decadent. Just swirl them into hot milk to form a tasty cup of marshmallow-topped cocoa!

    57. Now that I've used COSRX's cult-status 'Snail 92' all-in-one cream, I completely understand what all the social media hype is about. If you know they love trending products but aren't up-to-date yourself, I can almost guarantee this one is on their list!

    58. This instant-print Polaroid Now+ camera is perfect for the teens and budding photographers in your life! I'd never used one before and was seriously impressed by how easy it was to pick up (the pictures make for some seriously touching keepsakes too).

    59. Gift your most eco-conscious pal this hydrating and nourishing shampoo bar that reviewers say gives *results*.

    60. If they love comedy but you're not sure exactly who their faves are, I can almost guarantee Bob Mortimer's autobiography 'And Away...' will make them smile (and yes, it is technically bang-on £10 and not under it, but it's such a great read I'm sure you'll forgive me).

    61. This drinking card game is perfect for that person you keep meaning to grab a pint with.

    62. Sorry, but how much of a bargain is Pret's coffee subscription? It'll cost £20 a month for up to five hot drinks a day(!!!), and your first month is free too (yes, really).

    63. And if all else fails, there's nothing better than an Amazon gift card (especially when it looks as good as this one does!).