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    34 Products That Might Just Be The Best £5 You've Ever Spent

    Some are fun, some are functional, and all are bang-on a fiver.

    1. If you know someone whose birthday is coming up, this matchbox set is adorable. It comes with a lil' candle, a freshwater pearl, and a cute birthday message!

    2. Shake up your home workout routine with these exercise cards.

    3. This e.l.f. baked highlighter comes in three shades – Moonlight Pearls, Apricot Glow, and Blush Gems.

    4. This pair of Teflon-coated baking trays is an absolute steal.

    5. You can charge your iPhone and listen to music at the same time thanks to this handy adapter.

    6. Roll your stress away with this massager.

    7. This gentle-but-effective night cream makes hydrating your skin Simple.

    8. Treat your hands to this sea salt and crushed mint scented soap.

    9. This watermelon-scented bubble bath smells as good as it looks.

    10. You can personalise this cactus keychain with whatever text you like.

    11. If your cutlery seems to disappear for no reason (which, same), this set of 24 knives, forks, and spoons is perfect.

    12. This mini makeup mist and setting spray combo has a pretty tiny price tag, too.

    13. How adorable is this iPhone case?!

    14. Be kind to your teeth and the planet with this bamboo toothbrush.

    15. This peony and rose scented candle comes in the cutest packaging imaginable.

    16. This three metre-long measuring tape is filled with fun facts!

    17. These biscuits have heartfelt messages on them, so they're an ideal gift to give to someone you miss.

    18. I adore these dog-shaped page markers.

    19. And I'm pretty impresssssed by this snake necklace too!

    20. This Grace Cole set contains hand and nail cream and body cream.

    21. Jazz up a regular plant pot with this small zebra-pattern cover!

    22. Record your thoughts in this dreamy notebook.

    23. This cult-status e.l.f Putty Primer comes in six different shades.

    24. This foot soak will help you create the perfect at-home pedicure experience.

    25. Test your '00s knowledge with this trivia card game!

    26. The price tag on these socks won't leave you bitter.

    27. This gentle daily cleanser contains purified water and brightening citric acid.

    28. Make a statement with these strawberry earrings.

    29. Choose your fave shade from this selection of eight differently-coloured liquid glitter eyeshadows.

    30. These green micro fairy lights are connected by a wire, so you can bend them into whatever shape you like.

    31. These salted caramel truffles are handmade in Manchester.

    32. Send the child in your life this adorable "guess who loves you?" sock set.

    33. These large hoop earrings are simply stunning.

    34. This card case is incredibly cute.