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    27 Genius Cleaning Products That Made Me, An Ex-Cleaner, Reach For My Debit Card

    I'm begging these to take my money.

    Hi! I'm Amy, and I was a cleaner before I started working as a shopping writer for BuzzFeed. I thought I'd combine my knowledge to give you a list of the old faves and new discoveries that consistently get me reaching for my wallet – most of these are under £5, so I can bulk-buy without the guilt.

    1. De-fog your car's windshield with a couple of swipes of this clever pad.

    2. If you're sick of spotting pet hairs all over your clothes *after* you've left the house, this hair-dissolving washing machine formula is here to help.

    3. You can't go wrong with some classic baking powder. It's perfect for cleaning everything from ovens to shower units, and you can use it as a deodoriser in your fridge too (hello, ~adventurous~ cheeses).

    4. You can sub out a lot of cleaning products for one another (I use washing-up liquid for my glass surfaces all the time), but I refuse to use anything other than Elbow Grease as a degreaser.

    5. If I had to clean a house with only one product, I reckon it'd probably be this ridiculously useful concentrated disinfectant from Fabulosa.

    6. This reusable Scrub Daddy damp duster is the best I've tried for getting rid of hard-to-shift dust.

    7. You know those multi-product toilet-cleaning TikToks? Yeah, this fast-acting fluid from Duck proves that you only really need one solution to get the job done.

    8. A few years into using Dr. Beckmann's carpet-cleaning solution, I'm still amazed by how well (and quickly) it works.

    9. Speaking of fast-acting solutions to long-standing problems, this bargain mould remover gets to work in three minutes.

    10. Believe it or not, these pumice stones are the best solution for that truly tough-to-budge limescale at the base of your loo.

    11. This squeegee makes the difference between squeakily wiping your entire shower screen down in tiny circles or sweeping away the grime in super-satisfying wipes.

    12. Most of the UK is in a hard water area, so this descaler spray is basically priceless.

    13. The Pink Stuff paste is a cult-status product for a reason – it'll clean everything from metal to tiles! I was amazed by how quickly and effectively it got rid of the hard-to-budge rust under my shower.

    14. Remove soap scum, light limescale, and grease from your shower and sink with this specially-designed spray.

    15. This radiator brush is designed to get right ~into~ those hard-to-reach gaps down your heater (seriously, those gaps can get unbelievably dusty).

    16. Clean multiple strips of your blinds at once with this handy tool.

    Cleaning brush with multiple microfibre-covered arms

    17. These deep-cleaning Nespresso pods are honestly life hacks.

    18. These drain sticks are honestly genius.

    19. I won't lie, I didn't fully trust the 'zero scrubbing required' claim that this mattress-cleaning spray made until its customers vouched for it.

    20. The pedal-operated spinning drain in this ridiculously highly-rated bad boy solves pretty much every problem I've ever faced while mopping, and it means I don't have to tiptoe gingerly around until the floors dry.

    21. I'm absolutely not the type to choose a brand name for the sake of it, but the trusty Henry Hoover has truly never let me down. It packs the most suction per pound I've found so far!

    22. This shower shield solution will keep your unit gleaming between scrubs (and it'll protect your taps too!).

    23. A majority of the mess in most folks' homes comes from clutter rather than actual dirt. These shelves are great!

    24. This descaler ball will prevent that Dreaded Crust from building up in your kettle. Just drop it in and continue using your appliance as normal!

    25. I mean, the results of this this Bar Keeper's Friend powder speak for themselves.

    26. Anyone who's tried to clean their sink or shower knows how tough it can be to get them *truly* spotless, so it's a good thing this specially-designed spray exists.

    27. A ~professional~ finish is in the details, which is where this mini dustpan and brush set comes in.