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    41 Discounted Overstock Gifts From Amazon's 'Outlet' Section

    Because no Christmas gift is worth paying full price for if you can help it, IMO.

    In case you didn't know, Amazon have a section on their site that's filled with discounted overstock items. We went through the page to find you products that would make perfect gifts!

    1. Give the most practical person in your life a gift they'll use all the time with this real leather RFID-blocking trifold wallet. It's down by 42% right now!

    2. Keep 'em cosy for 44% less with this ridiculously fluffy throw.

    3. These tangle-free earphones are a steal at 44% off!

    4. You can't go too far wrong with some classic sterling silver earrings (especially when they're 46% off).

    5. Your beauty buff pall will never know you got them this highly-rated neon eyeshadow palette for 48% off!

    6. Give them the gift of some sweet, sweet back pain relief with this 49%-off stretcher.

    7. These makeup brushes are so pretty, I'd honestly probably buy them even if they weren't 51% off.

    8. And if they're after something more extensive (but not expensive), this 24%-off 30-piece set is ideal.

    9. If they're into skincare, I can almost guarantee they've had their eye on REN's 'Perfect Canvas' primer for a while now. They'll never know you got it for 53% off!

    10. They'll be able to touch their screen through the transparent panel of this cross-body phone bag. It's down by 55%!

    11. This 58%-off neon light will brighten up their day!

    12. The only thing better than this wet-or-dry trimmer is the fact that it's 58% off.

    13. Know any budding podcasters? They'll love this USB condenser microphone (and *you'll* love its 58% price reduction).

    14. They'll be over the moon with this 54%-off tapestry.

    15. Home cooks will love this adjustable apron almost as much as you'll love its 20% discount.

    16. The fanciest person on your list will be impressed by this ridiculously pretty 57%-off mug and teaspoon set!

    17. This yoga block set is reduced by a seriously soothing 37%!

    18. The 58% price cut on this well-reviewed Bluetooth speaker is music to my ears (sorry).

    19. I'm struggling to think of a hairstyle that these 20%-off ribbon scrunchies wouldn't suit.

    20. TikTok fans probably wanted these exfoliating washcloths since they first saw how satisfying they are to use. They're down by 30%!

    21. It feels like every skincare guru is obsessed with retinol these days, so it's a good thing that this extra-strong serum is 32% off.

    22. Struggling to get a gift for your most eco-conscious pal? These reusable makeup rounds are 1) machine-washable and 2) 36% off – what's not to love?

    23. Gamers will be glad you bought them this 27%-off headset.

    24. Got any little ones on your list? I'm sure they'll love these 51%-off Gruffalo flash cards!

    25. If they keep insisting you buy them a gift they'll actually use, I recommend this 35%-off electric beater. They can put it to work on their festive feasts as soon as they open it!

    26. Home cooks will *also* appreciate these copper-look measuring cups and spoons. They're down by 38%!

    27. I'm struggling to believe that this (incredibly chic?) kid's bike is 38% off right now, but here we are.

    28. Ths 41%-off clutch bag has no reason to look as good as it does, but here we are. It'll take them straight from Christmas to the New Year!

    29. This large two-wick candle is down by a scentsational 38%. It smells of cotton!

    30. These metallic pens are down by 32% at the moment. They can be used on everything from paper to glass!

    31. Your artsy friends will *also* love these decorative washi tapes. Save 31%!

    32. If they're always in a rush, they'll be glad you bought them this low-effort egg cooker on busy mornings. It's 30% off!

    33. But if they love taking their time to cook, this 27%-off bread-proofing kit is ideal!

    34. Um, a 27%-off acrylic paint set? Yes, please.

    35. This macramé wall hanging has fairy light pegs that are perfect for displaying photos. It's reduced by 27%!

    36. Save 26% on this non-slip silicone oven glove set.

    37. This beginner-friendly embroidery kit will keep them busy in that awkward phase between Christmas and the New Year. It's down by 22%!

    38. Help them unwind with this 'Me to You' eye mask, lotion, and candle set. it's a bargain at 22% off!

    39. They might just think you bought this hand-painted 20%-off mug from a fancy boutique.

    40. Your pal who works from home basically *needs* this 20%-off adjustable laptop stand.

    41. If they're known for pouring the perfect pint, they'll love this mixology kit. It's 20% off!

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