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    Just 42 Very British Gifts To Give In 2020

    There's something for everyone in here!

    1. They'll be able to taste the memories (literally) thanks to this box of retro sweets. It includes Sherbet Dip Dabs, flying saucers, Refreshers, and more!

    2. Grandparents and siblings alike will love this pair of iconic tea caddies from Fortnum & Mason. It contains their much-loved breakfast and afternoon blends!

    3. Potterheads will adore this colour-changing 'Polyjuice Potion' lamp.

    4. You can nab an entire kilogram of pic' n' mix sweets for less than a tenner (um, why didn't I know about this sooner?!).

    5. Keep Wallace and Gromit fans hydrated with this stainless steel flask.

    6. This Matilda tote bag is almost too cute to own. Almost.

    7. If they can't get enough of Nigella Lawson, the chances are that they'll adore her Cook, Eat, Repeat recipe book.

    8. You can't go too far wrong with a great umbrella, so it's a good thing that this durable Fortnum & Mason 'Kensington' brolly exists! It looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    9. Your most practical pal or family member will be glad that you bought them this dehumidifier bag. It'll prevent that annoying fog from forming on their windscreen on cold British mornings!

    10. They'll feel like they've just been served at the Winchester Tavern when you give them this Shaun of the Dead-themed bottle opener.

    11. This biscuit bar mega pack from Nestlé will solve the most British problem of all – simply never having enough Kit Kats. It contains a whopping 71 biscuit bars!

    12. And if they prefer savoury food, the chances are that they'll adore this honey and truffle stilton.

    13. They'll be able to present their travel card without having to fumble for their wallet or even take their card out at the turnstile thanks to this handy holder.

    14. This London skyline LEGO kit is perfect for kids and adults alike.

    15. This moisturising Cath Kidston hand sanitiser looks incredible and smells of white clover and matcha tea!

    16. This hot water bottle will keep them cosy during the winter months (and its fluffy cover is pretty stunning, too).

    17. These fleece-lined slippers have comfortable memory foam soles.

    18. They'll be able to communicate their tea preferences at a glance thanks to this customisable mug.

    19. And they can enjoy their cuppa with these decadent shortbread biscuits from Fortnum & Mason!

    20. This combination hoodie and blanket is perfect for those days when the central heating just isn't cutting it.

    21. They'll be able to properly enjoy streaming old festive episodes of The Vicar of Dibley thanks to this smartphone projector.

    22. These salt and pepper shakers couldn't be any cuter if they tried.

    23. If they fall on the 'love' side of the Marmite debate, they'll lose it over this personalised jar.

    24. Give them a whole ~experience~ with this afternoon tea hamper. It contains teas, clotted cream, jams, and marmalades!

    25. They'll say "aww" every time they look at this Paddington bear plush toy.

    26. Don't mind me, just ordering this bus-shaped mug ASAP.

    27. You can personalise this box of Celebrations with their name (I know, right?!).

    28. Bookworms will adore this bourbon-shaped bookmark.

    29. And they'll be able to make their homemade biscuits look like bourbons, custard creams, Party Rings, and Jammy Dodgers thanks to these reusable cookie cutters.

    30. Brighten up their day with this telephone box-shaped lamp.

    31. They'll be able to enjoy British wildlife – or at least the finches in their garden – thanks to this adorable feeder.

    32. It doesn't get much more festive than sipping a cup of Fortnum & Mason's 'Christmas Blend' tea!

    33. Fellow Doctor Who fans will think that this fleecy T.A.R.D.I.S. throw is out of this world.

    34. And I'm pretty sure that they'll adore this punny wooden spoon, too.

    35. This personalised PG Tips mug and tea set is simply teariffic.

    36. Budding GBBO contestants will end up using this 65-piece decorating set all the time. It includes a turntable, 24 piping tips, an icing scraper, and so much more!

    37. I'm drooling over this delicious tablet hamper that's handmade in Scotland.

    38. This 70cl bottle of London dry gin is flavoured with juniper, citrus, and a blend of refreshing spices.

    39. Sorry, but how beautiful is this pair of William Morris mugs?!

    40. This 'The Wrong Trousers'-based pen holder is perfect for Wallace and Gromit fans.

    41. Okay, but is it really a British Christmas without at least one game of Scrabble?

    42. And last but most definitely not least, this set of five flowering jasmine tea flowers is simply stunning.

    Footage of them after receiving their gifts: