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    98 Highly-Rated Amazon Black Friday Deals That You Can Still Get This Weekend

    These were customer faves even *before* their massive discounts.

    Black Friday is still going on Amazon, but we know it can be hard to spot the true steals. Thankfully, we found tonnes of deals reviewers *already* swear by:

    1. The cult-status Real Techniques sponge comes with a storage case and is 32% off right now!

    2. Organise your bathroom sink with this 36%-off Joseph Joseph caddy.

    3. This Fitbit Inspire 2 is 50% off (that's my Christmas gifts sorted, then).

    4. This Revlon oil-absorbing volcanic face roller will banish any excess shine –it's 25% off right now!

    5. It doesn't get much more festive than this 29%-off Edinburgh 'Christmas' gin.

    6. Treat them to this 51%-off Yankee Candle gift set.

    7. This emergency gift-worthy Hotel Chocolat H-Box is a delicious 21% off. I'll be stocking up on a couple in case I get an unexpected invite or pressie (and if one happens to go missing in the meantime, well, it's not like they were specifically for anyone).

    8. Sally Hansen's 52%-off Insta-Dri top coat makes drying your nails speedy and easy (trust me, I swear by mine).

    9. I'm completely fine after spotting this 30%-off 1KG bag of Lindt chocolate. I am not hyperventilating at all.

    10. Save 26% on this bulk pack of Tassimo flat white coffee pods.

    11. Can we please talk about the 67% discount on this compact Kenwood stand mixer?! It'd make the perfect gift for home bakers (if you know me and are reading this, yes, that is a hint).

    12. *Siren sounds* OLAPLEX's cult-status No.3 Hair Perfector is 47% off right now.

    13. 'Tis the season to buy this 2.1m artificial tree (and at 58% off, 'tis the sale too).

    14. It'll go brilliantly with these 33% off fairy lights!

    15. Banish the condensation from your car's windshield for 24% less with this dehumidifier bag.

    16. This Joseph Joseph knife block set comes with a built-in sharpener, making its 35% discount even more impressive.

    17. I needed this 57%-off wearable blanket yesterday, TBH.

    18. Anyone who buys dishwasher tablets knows how much the cost can stack up – thankfully, this pack of 83 Finish Quantum ones are 58% off right now.

    19. The bristles of this 38%-off Joseph Joseph toilet brush are made from silicone, so nothing will get caught in between them.

    20. This Garnier gift set is a steal at 42% off.

    21. Ensure your eyeshadow stays in place all day with this 51%-off eyelid primer from Urban Decay.

    22. NIP+FAB's glycolic acid-infused overnight pads are perfect for evening out, brightening, and cleansing your skin. They come in a bumper pack of 100 and are 47% off!

    23. And this Real Techniques powder brush is the best one I've found to apply it – it's 15% off right now!

    24. Um, a giant cinnamon-scented Yankee candle for 46% less? Yes, please.

    25. Save 65% on this Snackin' Star Wars Grogu toy that has over 40 sound and motion combinations.

    26. OGX's 33%-off biotin & collagen conditioner is a cult-status product for a reason! It's the only one I can rely on to smooth and soften my long, dry, frizzy hair.

    27. I'm going to speak for your foodie friends here: they want you to buy them this 38%-off cheese making kit (and at less than a tenner, why wouldn't you?).

    28. Home cooks will end up using Dishoom's 42%-off cookbook all the time – it's made my colleague's homemade Chicken Ruby taste pretty much like the real thing.

    29. This 40%-off Bomb Cosmetics advent calendar contains 24 mini bath bombs and melts.

    30. This multi-purpose cream cleaner saves you buying multiple products, and gets to work on a variety of surfaces. Nab it for 73% off!

    31. PSA: there's 21% off this massive 2.4kg of Celebrations (yes, I did order it halfway through typing this).

    32. This Baylis and Harding bath set smells of vanilla, almond, and jojoba, and it's an impressive 55% off right now too. What's not to love?!

    33. Treat yourself to this (bloody massive) 850g Dairy Milk bar! It's 20% off right now.

    34. This 64%-off Nescafe Dolce Gusto Piccolo machine is ideal for fellow caffeine addicts.

    35. O'Keeffe's 33%-off moisturising hand cream contains protective allantoin, so you'll have a barrier between your skin and drying factors.

    36. Yes, I WILL be taking advantage of the 33% discount on this nourishing overnight salve from O'Keeffe's.

    37. Fake a sunkissed glow (yes, even during *this* weather) with St. Tropez's self-tanning Water Mousse. It's 61% off right now!

    38. This Sylvanian Families country home would have taken pride of place in my bedroom when I was a kid. It's 33% off!

    39. I'm just saying, this Pukka tea advent calendar is 48% off right now.

    40. NIP+FAB's plumping Dragon Blood serum is a bewitching 63% off.

    41. This 41%-off pomegranate-scented Burt's Bees kit contains moisturising salves for your lips and hands.

    42. And their 26%-off lip and hand balm set is shaped like a cracker (awww).

    43. This 44%-off light-blocking sleep mask has an adjustable wire in its nose (genius, right?).

    44. Keep your locks looking luscious with L'Oréal's 'No Haircut' cream that's 33% off ATM!

    45. Wake up to glowing, moisturised skin with COSRX's overnight mask that's 53% off.

    46. Urban Decay's 'All Nighter' setting spray is currently 42% off (you're welcome).

    47. Conceal AND heal your spots with Dots For Spots' 36%-off hydrocolloid patches!

    48. Save 59% on this six-piece knife set.

    49. This cult-status Bio-Oil is a great way to minimise the appearance of stretch marks, discolouration, and more. Nab yours for 39% off!

    50. Get rid of the Dreaded Patch on your carpet or other soft furnishings by using Dr. Beckmann's 20%-off cleaner.

    51. Half of the shopping team owns this extendable Joseph Joseph dish rack, and the other half are seriously eyeing up its current 45% discount.

    52. This 46%-off Seche Vite topcoat will keep your nail polish looking salon-fresh for way longer than it'd last otherwise. Reviewers love its silky, chip-resistant finish!

    53. I don't know about you, but my lips have been seriously dry ever since the weather took a cold, rainy turn. This Burt's Bees overnight lip mask is seriously hydrating (and it doesn't hurt that it's 32% off, too).

    54. This 39%-off trio of Burt's Bees hand creams is as gorgeous as it is effective.

    55. Revlon's two-in-one dryer and styler is an impressive 52% off.

    56. Save 45% on this brightening and smoothing vitamin C serum from Garnier.

    57. Kiss goodbye to messy buckets and wringing with this Vileda spray mop that's 30% off.

    58. This 46%-off robot vacuum cleaner also has a mop function (yes, please).

    59. This 20%-off Bar Keeper's Friend cleaning powder will make your grimiest kitchen utensils look as good as new again.

    60. Save 24% on Burt's Bees' moisturising lip shimmer.

    61. Achieve the moisturised locks of your dreams for 30% less with Coco & Eve's Like a Virgin hair masque set.

    62. The drain in this genius mop set spins, so it'll dry the mop head faster. It's 31% off right now!

    63. If you want to avoid a first-thing-in-the-morning crinkly shirt scenario, this Russell Hobbs iron is a steal at 59% off.

    64. Nab 25% off this Le Creuset mug. It comes in 12 different colours (I've got my eye on a shell pink one!).

    65. Tefal's five-piece nonstick cookware set is a steal at 36% off.

    66. This 43%-off advent calendar contains 24 varieties of seeds for every day of Christmas (aww).

    67. Panasonic's ridiculously powerful Nanoe hairdryer is down by 55%!

    68. If you've been meaning to buy a smart TV for a while now, consider the 40% price reduction on this 50-inch Hisense one to be a sign.

    69. Aveeno's moisturising body wash is perfect for dry-leaning skin. It's 43% off right now!

    70. I'm buying my musician friends these Sennheiser headphones while they're 61% off – everyone I know with a Logic Pro account swears by their sound quality.

    71. And these ridiculously highly-rated Sony Bluetooth earphones are down by 46%.

    72. Hydrate and nourish dry, damaged hair for 32% less with this Redken shampoo and conditioner set.

    73. Neutrogena's cult-status HydroBoost Water Gel moisturiser has gotten everyone from dermatologists to TikTokers excited. Nab your own tub for 45% less!

    74. Everyone I know who owns a Tefal Air Fryer swears by it, so I might snap one up myself now it's 30% off.

    75. This cordless Shark vacuum cleaner has anti-hair wrap technology in its head, making it perfect for pet owners. It's down by a dizzying 40% right now!

    76. Aspiring dentists will love this Melissa and Doug Super Smile kit (and you'll love its 29% discount).

    77. This 31%-off Kidizoom camera takes high-quality photos and videos, and even has adorable kid-friendly special effects!

    78. Blast through the grime and stains on clothes, sheets, and other soft surfaces with Vanish's 48%-off Oxi Action spray.

    79. I swear by CeraVe's hydrating and plumping hyaluronic acid, so you'd better believe I'm stocking up now it's 46% off.

    80. This cuticle remover gel from Sally Hansen gets to work in fifteen seconds – not bad for 54% off, right?

    81. You'll sleep soundly knowing you saved 29% on these Sweetnight memory foam pillows.