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    43 Products That Belong On Your Birthday Wishlist This September

    Including *that* LEGO bouquet and the most compelling stationery gift I've ever seen.

    1. If you've seen those addictive TikToks where the creators remove their dead skin in gross-but-satisfying rolls, you'll understand why I had to include these exfoliating washcloths.

    2. My social media has been filled with this LEGO bouquet recently, and I want to buy my own *so* badly. It's made from plant-based plastic!

    3. These incredible sachets will change the colour of any flames you chuck them onto (I know, right?!).

    4. Well, it looks like I'm ordering this stunning stationery set from Bic today.

    5. This plant mister is shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like an adorable lil' leopard!

    6. This old-school Caboutine de Grés perfume quickly became my signature scent! Its price point belies its *premium* finish, and it's perfect if (like me) you can't stand overly sweet smells.

    7. Keep yourself entertained with this cult-status 'Exploding Kittens' card game.

    8. Every time I use this Shiatsu back massager, I struggle to believe I got it for less than £20.

    9. Reviewers rave about Mario Badescu's soothing facial spray.

    10. These faux plant-filled fairy lights are absolutely breathtaking.

    11. This vampy Burt's Bees tinted lip balm is perfect for autumn!

    12. Speaking of which, this pumpkin spice latté syrup gets an 11/10 from me.

    13. Style your day-three hair in seconds with these oh-so-trendy metal claw clips.

    14. These maple leaf fairy lights are perfect for illuminating the gloomiest spots in your room, or just for adding some fun to a boring headboard. They're perfect if you're unreasonably excited for autumn!

    15. Hop on the cheek balm trend for less than £4 with Rimmel's 'Jelly Blush'!

    16. This inexpensive curler has an extra-wide barrel, making it perfect for beachy waves.

    17. Sorry, but why am I only hearing about these dog-shaped balloons NOW?

    18. Want to be truly surprised on your big day? This W7 mystery cosmetics box has seriously impressed reviewers!

    19. And speaking of mysteries, this multimedia box contains a variety of recordings, photos, documents, and instructions to help one to six players solve a fictional case.

    20. Make your broken ceramic objects look even better than they did before with this kintsugi repair kit.

    21. Indulge your inner chocoholic with this seven-inch chocolate pizza!

    22. Relax with this watermelon-scented foot soak.

    23. These highly-rated Bluetooth earphones are an absolute steal at under £15!

    24. This one-litre hot water bottle has an adorable sloth-shaped cover.

    25. Movie buffs might just lose it over this scratch-off movie poster that offers 100 iconic film recommendations!

    26. This cloud-shaped bath bomb leaves a rainbow-hued trail behind it as it fizzes.

    27. This silver-plated necklace comes in all the signs of the zodiac.

    28. If you've been meaning to give calligraphy a go for a while now, this beginner-friendly set is ideal!

    29. These decadent Belgian chocolates are shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like little planets.

    30. The flames of these incredible birthday cake candles match the colour of the wax underneath (I know, right?).

    31. Not only does this dried bouquet look incredible, but it'll also last for ages!

    32. Friends fans will lose it over this adoorable phone case.

    33. This personalised milk chocolate bar will have your name written all over it (literally).

    34. Turn your bath into a disco with this fully submergible light.


    35. Sorry, but how adorable is this lil' pet rock?! Oh, and it costs less than £2 too!

    36. Not sure what nail polish you want? This five-piece set from Barry M contains a variety of popular shades.

    37. Tea lovers will adore this single-serve infuser pot (and you'll love its under-£5 price tag).

    38. I ordered this cute AF flower press the second I saw it.

    39. These reusable whiskey stones will keep your drink cool without diluting it. They come in a gorgeous wooden box!

    40. Make your lips shine with e.l.f.'s cult-status lip gloss.

    41. Channel your inner E-girl with this natural-looking freckle pen.

    42. These plush panda magnets couldn't be any cuter if they tried. The members of your household will smile every time they walk past 'em!

    43. Just when you thought drinking a cuppa couldn't get any better, this build-on-brick mug comes along.

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