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    33 Products That Belong On Your Birthday Wishlist This July

    And yes, you CAN "accidentally" send this to all your friends.

    1. Celebrate the passage of time with this 'Oldi' mug.

    2. The capsules in this gorgeous jar are filled with blank sheets of paper that you or a loved one can write messages onto.

    3. These 'Happy Birthday' biscuits are as adorable as they are delicious!

    4. Every product in this five-piece spa set smells of the ocean (ugh, the dream).

    5. I'm sorry, but your special day just isn't complete without these fountain candles.

    6. And the flames of these incredible birthday cake candles match the colour of the wax underneath.

    7. You can personalise this moon lamp with any image you like (I know, right?).

    8. I can't think of anything more relaxing than using this beginner-friendly candle-making kit.

    9. Treat yourself to this bottle of raspberry, cranberry, and blackberry-flavoured gin.

    10. These disc necklaces come in all the signs of the zodiac!

    11. Channel your inner e-girl with this set of 12 coloured liquid eyeliners.

    12. You can't go too far wrong with a bouquet of fresh flowers (especially when they're as stunning as these ones are).

    13. This limoncello marmalade is just *chef's kiss*.

    14. This adorable kit includes everything you'll need to cross-stitch your own Medieval-style bookmark. The results are bound to be Instagram-worthy!

    15. This triple pack of Garnier sheet masks will trick people into thinking you've had a facial. The set includes niacinamide, vitamin C, and hyaluronic acid-rich treatments!

    16. Sorry, but why am I only hearing about these dog-shaped balloons NOW?

    17. Want to be truly surprised on your big day? This W7 mystery cosmetics box has seriously impressed reviewers!

    18. And speaking of mysteries, this multimedia box contains a variety of recordings, photos, documents, and instructions to help one to six players solve a fictional case.

    19. Indulge your inner chocoholic with this seven-inch chocolate pizza!

    20. This scratch-off movie poster will give you inspiration for something to watch when you feel like you've seen everything on Netflix.

    21. Feeling nostalgic? You can't go too far wrong with a kilo(!) of pic 'n' mix-style sweets.

    22. If (like me) you love to fidget, this bubble pop toy might just become your new fave thing.

    23. Turn your bath into a disco with this fully submergible light.


    24. I honestly can't think of anything more soothing than watching Netflix with this 4kg weighted blanket over my lap.

    25. These heart-shaped candles couldn't be any cuter if they tried.

    26. This sunflower-shaped locket opens up to reveal a touching message.

    27. These glam under-eye pads are packed full of plumping collagen.

    28. Unleash your inner artist with these water-activated brush pens.

    29. Make your broken ceramic objects look even better than they did before with this kintsugi repair kit.

    30. These ombré makeup brushes are incredibly highly-rated.

    31. This jar of Glow Recipe's iconic watermelon sleep mask is perfect for skincare buffs. It'll hydrate and exfoliate your skin while you sleep!

    32. These Jane Austen-themed tarot cards have no right to be as beautiful as they are.

    33. Okay, but why are these handmade bath bombs so pretty?!

    You on your birthday: