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    41 Products That Belong On Your Birthday Wishlist This August

    And yes, it IS okay to *accidentally* send this to all your friends.

    1. If you love your beauty routine *and* the planet, this letterbox-friendly sustainable spa box is ideal.

    2. Add some *witchy* vibes to your bedroom with this absolute steal of a porcelain palmistry hand!

    3. Beauty buffs will adore Dr. Jart+'s colour-correcting balm, which gives a foundation-like finish without any need for makeup.

    4. Okay, but how wholesome is this afternoon tea hamper? It contains everything you'll need to enjoy tea and scones on your big day!

    5. This colourful gel nail set is perfect for summer.

    6. You can get your name printed onto this personalised pillowcase in Friends-style letters!

    7. These Himalayan salt tealight holders will give you really soft, natural-looking light, and they're heavy enough that they won't budge or fall too.

    8. Home bakers will enjoy using this retro-style set of measuring spoons.

    9. This Scandi-style tufted cushion gets an 11/10 from me!

    10. Fellow caffeine addicts will find this teapot and mug set for one to be teariffic.

    11. Sorry, but this crescent moon-shaped planter might just be the most stunning object I've ever seen.

    12. This porcelain 'hedgehug' couldn't be any cuter if it tried.

    13. This personalised Toblerone will have your name written all over it (literally).

    14. You'll be able to fill in this gorgeous Van Gogh-print notebook with your fave recipes!

    15. You can't go too far wrong with this (frankly massive) box of Hotel Chocolat treats. It contains everything from salted caramel puddles to a milk chocolate cookie slab, among loads of other delicious goodies!

    16. And if you prefer savoury flavours, this Lancashire cheese 'bomb' makes for a highly ~gourmet~ gift.

    17. I can't think of anything more relaxing than making a candle with this beginner-friendly kit. It contains everything you'll need to get started!

    18. You can put your name and birthstone onto this personalised necklace.

    19. Anyone who's into psychology will want to order this Freud 'Oral Fixation' lip balm ASAP.

    20. The flames of these incredible birthday cake candles match the colour of the wax underneath.

    21. Sorry, but why am I only hearing about these dog-shaped balloons NOW?

    22. Want to be truly surprised on your big day? This W7 mystery cosmetics box has seriously impressed reviewers!

    23. And speaking of mysteries, this multimedia box contains a variety of recordings, photos, documents, and instructions to help one to six players solve a fictional case.

    24. Indulge your inner chocoholic with this seven-inch chocolate pizza!

    25. Make your broken ceramic objects look even better than they did before with this kintsugi repair kit.

    26. This beginner-friendly kit contains everything you'll need to bake your own brownies at home.

    27. If you didn't want to own this Frida Kahlo teacup and saucer the second you found out it existed, we have nothing in common.

    28. Anyone who falls on the 'love' side of the Marmite debate will be happy with this personalised jar.

    29. NYX's eyeshadow palette contains a mixture of neutral matte shades and more high-glam sparkly colours!

    30. Everything in this extensive spa kit smells of the ocean (ugh, the dream).

    31. Tint your own brows at home with this peel-off formula from L'Oréal!

    32. The capsules in this gorgeous jar are filled with blank sheets of paper that you or a loved one can write messages onto.

    33. You can personalise this moon lamp with any image you like (I know, right?).

    34. Get glowing with St. Moriz's instant tanning mousse.

    35. Treat yourself to this Le Creuset stoneware mug! It's available in 15 different colours.

    36. Turn your frown upside down with one of these oh-so-trendy flower cushions that are big enough to lounge on.

    37. These moon phase mirrors couldn't be any cuter if they tried.

    38. Fellow bookworms will lose it over these Alice in Wonderland-themed 'Enchant-mints'.

    39. And I'm pretty sure they'll enjoy this mug that's covered in Jane Austen's most iconic quotes, too!

    40. If you're a gamer, you'll probably love these PlayStation socks.

    41. And last but not least, an Amazon gift card is pretty much foolproof!

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