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    66 Beauty Products Under £6 That Are Basically Too Cheap To Regret Buying

    Including a freckle pen and some tooth-whitening powder!

    1. Reviewers rave about this whitening tooth powder, with some saying they've noticed a difference after just a couple of uses.

    2. Ensure that your eyeliners and lip pencils stay precise AF with this double sharpener!

    3. This portable mini mirror is absolutely beeautiful.

    4. Transform your day-three hair in no time with these wide headbands.

    5. These under-eye patches are brimming with exfoliating and plumping retinol.

    6. Reviewers say that the shades in this eyeshadow palette are incredibly highly-pigmented. There are a combination of matte and sparkly hues, so you can use it for everyday use or more glam *lewks*!

    7. This concealer from Makeup Revolution will cover any blemishes without looking cakey.

    8. Perfect your makeup application with the help of this inexpensive brush set. People love their densely-packed bristles, with many saying they feel *much* more expensive than they actually are!

    9. This brightening face mask contains hydrating dragonfruit extract.

    10. You can deep-clean your nails with these specially-designed brushes.

    11. Replace your disposable plastic cotton buds with these compostable bamboo ones!

    12. And while we're on the topic of reusable beauty options, these cotton rounds are completely machine-washable. They're perfect for applying skincare or removing makeup!

    13. How gorgeous is this 'Dragonfish' nail polish from Barry M?!

    14. This brush-cleaning mat has textured surfaces to get *right* in between bristles. The suction cups on its back will hold it in place during use!

    15. Your makeup won't budge when you apply Barry M's 'All Night Long' setting spray over it.

    16. Sorry, but this lil' cosmetics bag has absolutely no right to look as good as it does.

    17. Get your skin glowing with Simple's cleansing and brightening clay face mask.

    18. If you've got long hair, you'll appreciate L'Oréal's 'No Haircut' cream. Its keratin-rich formula helps to prevent split ends and repair breakage!

    19. Conceal *and* heal spots with these hydrocolloid patches.

    20. Duo's false eyelash adhesive dries clear in seconds!

    21. Channel your inner E-girl with this natural-looking freckle pen.

    22. It'll really pop when placed on top of L'Oréal's 'Infallible' blush trio!

    23. You might want to start using this O'Keeffe's cream on your heels to get them summer sandal-ready.

    24. If you love the '90s aesthetic, you'll *adore* this pack of colourful butterfly clips.

    25. I'm struggling to believe that these lemongrass, cedarwood, and jasmine-scented bath salts cost less than £6, but here we are.

    26. These bath bombs are shaped (and I cannot stress this enough) like eggs.

    27. This salicylic acid-infused soap is seriously clever! It'll decongest your skin and remove excess oils from your face.

    28. If you wear makeup, you'll wonder why you didn't buy this clever SPF50 spray from Garnier sooner. Spray it over your makeup and it'll protect your skin *without* disturbing the cosmetics underneath (I know, right?).

    29. Not only does this coconut-scented deodorant from Dove smell incredible, but people also say it keeps their 'pits fresh throughout the day.

    30. These coiled Invisibobble hair ties distribute pressure really evenly, so you won't get kinks in your hair or suffer ponytail-induced headaches.

    31. This e.l.f. pencil will add some volume and dimension to your brows!

    32. And e.l.f.'s compact eyeshadow palette contains buttery shades that are perfect for everyday wear.

    33. Banish your blackheads and spots with this extraction kit.

    34. Treat your skin to this plumping, firming, and hydrating sheet mask from Garnier.

    35. Keep your hair out of your face while you're doing your skincare routine by wearing this adorable headband.

    36. This mermaid-themed nail polish from Rimmel boosts my mood every time I wear it!

    37. These adjustable brushes have gone viral on TikTok for a reason. You can push their bristles apart or draw them together depending on your preference or hair type!

    38. Get glowing with this bronzing highlighter from Technic!

    39. This Denman shampoo brush is the best thing I've ever used on my thick hair. It massages my scalp while also working shampoo right down to my roots!

    40. Style your baby hairs in moments with this Cantu edge comb.

    41. Folks say that this Makeup Revolution concealer really does offer incredible coverage.

    42. Add the finishing touch to your makeup look with these fluffy faux mink lashes.

    43. Conceal everything from dark circles to red spots by using Maybelline's colour-correcting palette!

    44. Nivea's inexpensive toner is packed full of restorative vitamin E.

    45. This inky black Rimmel mascara will define, lengthen, AND curl your lashes clump-free.

    46. Bring a rosy tint to your lips with these gorgeous matte stains.

    47. If you love glitter but hate fallout, Barry M's fixer gel is here to help.

    48. This well-reviewed foot file does exactly what it promises to do!

    49. This colour-shifting lilac eyeshadow from Rimmel looks like it costs way more than it actually does.

    50. O'Keeffe's 'Lip Repair' balm is incredibly nourishing.

    51. Perfect that Instagram-worthy flick with e.l.f.'s liquid eyeliner.

    52. Bioré's activated charcoal face wash will deeply cleanse your pores.

    53. Add some volume to your hair with this round brush.

    54. This hyaluronic acid serum will attract moisture to your skin and keep it there.

    55. Don't mind me, just ordering this TikTok-famous Garnier hair mask ASAP.

    56. These satin scrunchies won't pull or snag on thick hair.

    57. This biotin and collagen conditioner from OGX makes my frizzy hair look way healthier!

    58. This highly wearable nail polish from Rimmel will dry in as little as 60 seconds.

    59. This set of six matte waterproof lip stains are a steal at less than £2 each.

    60. This Lash Sensational mascara has a low wax content, meaning its inky black formula won't clump on your lashes.

    61. Give your foundation a flawless finish by using Real Technique's 'Miracle Complexion' sponge.

    62. Conceal dark circles, spots, and other blemishes with this brightening Age Rewind concealer from Maybelline.

    63. These compostable soap bags will help you to exfoliate your skin.

    64. This liquid lipstick from Bourjois has a velvety finish.

    65. I'm not sure why I haven't bought this incredible nail polish sooner. It changes colour according to the temperature of the room it's in!

    66. These foot peel masks totally transformed my cracked heels.

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