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    41 Products To Try If Autumn Is Your Favourite Time Of Year

    Here's to all of us who've taken The Scarf out of our wardrobes already.

    1. The seasonal cinnamon scent of this Yankee Candle is *incredible* – and it burns for absolutely ages too.

    2. Prevent your glasses from steaming up with this anti-fog treatment.

    3. This inexpensive non-stick cake tin is perfect for all that autumnal baking you'll be doing.

    4. I 'awwww'ed out loud when I saw this lidded pumpkin mug and spoon set.

    5. You can fill it with this suitably cosy biscuit-flavoured tea!

    6. These maple leaf fairy lights are perfect for autumn!

    7. This mauve lipstick from Rimmel is stunning and seasonal.

    8. Prevent that mid-storm bin lid slam with this strap.

    9. Don't mind me, just ordering this cinnamon-scented Yankee Candle wax melt ASAP.

    10. Sorry, but this oversized tartan scarf is an autumn staple for good reason!

    11. Well, it looks like I'm about to spend the next three months putting this pumpkin spice mix in everything.

    12. I love the autumn leaf shades of this surprisingly inexpensive eyeshadow palette.

    13. Can't wait for spooky season? This witch's brew mug gets an 11/10 from me.

    14. This burgundy nail polish from Barry M is just *chef's kiss*.

    15. Protect your lips from chapping while ALSO adding a seasonal tint with this two-in-one balm from Burt's Bees!

    16. Curl up with this set of comfy fluffy socks.

    17. Barry M's 'Toast' lipliner has seriously impressed reviewers!

    18. Something about this hardback diary just feels *so* autumnal.

    19. I can honestly say that this ridiculously comfortable blanket hoodie was responsible for getting me through last autumn and winter.

    20. Preserve some seasonal flowers and plants with this gorgeous wooden press!

    21. These stunning jars have *properly* airtight seals. They're perfect if you're planning on making some jam with all those blackberries at the bottom of the garden.

    22. And if autumn is baking season for you, these reusable silicone baking trays are perfect.

    23. I mean, just IMAGINE embroidering with this beginner-friendly kit on an autumn evening (ugh, the dream).

    24. Not to overshare, but I almost started drooling over the coppery shimmer of this Rimmel nail polish.

    25. Knock up your own pumkin spice latté at home with Tate & Lyle's syrup.

    26. Well, it looks like I'm ordering this 'Autumn Air' essential oil today.

    27. Okay, but WHY are these autumnal cookie cutters so cute?

    28. These matte lipsticks couldn't be any more gorgeous if they TRIED.

    29. Stay cosy with this unbelievably cute sloth-shaped hot water bottle.

    30. This ochre duvet cover set from Catherine Lansfield couldn't be more seasonally appropriate.

    31. Speaking of keeping warm, this plaid draught excluder is as pretty as it is useful.

    32. My sister swears by Garnier's viral coconut 'Hair Food' to hydrate and define her curls! It'll nourish all other hair types too.

    33. Wake up to smoother, softer lips after using this overnight mask – it's perfect for chapped autumn skin!

    34. I swear by this inexpensive vitamin C serum to brighten and exfoliate my skin! I only need to use a few drops of this stuff to benefit from its smoothing formula, and the serum contains hydrating hyaluronic acid and jojoba oil too.

    35. Prevent that disgusting soggy shoe feeling (and those gross damp smells) with this highly-rated shoe and boot dryer.

    36. This mould and mildew remover spray is perfect for damp either and costs less than a quid!

    37. I swear by this 'first defence' spray to stop a cold in its tracks.

    38. This Nursem hand cream will hydrate AND protect your skin.

    39. Okay, but can we TALK about this sherpa fleece blanket?

    40. I would like to *live* in this adorable mushroom mug with a lid.

    41. And last but not least, why did nobody tell me about this pumpkin latte hand soap?!