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    Amazon Have Tonnes Of Beauty Discounts RN – Here's 39 Of The Best Deals

    Respectfully, it's time to throw away that flaky, crusted-over mascara.

    1. Save 33% on this over-makeup SPF spray.

    2. And there's 33% off this pamper kit too!

    3. COSRX's hydrating, nourishing snail mucin cream is an impressive 45% off right now.

    4. Clean out your pores, not your wallet, with this 50%-off micellar water from Garnier.

    5. Hello there, 59%-off antiperspirant from Nivea.

    6. Banish every trace of waterproof eye makeup with Nivea's specially-designed cleanser (than just so happens to be 50% off).

    7. Save your hair *and* your coins with 33% off TRESemme's heat protector spray.

    8. Simple's no-frills moisturiser is as kind to your skin as it is to your wallet – its current 50% price cut keeps it well under the £3 mark.

    9. Gain a gradual, natural-looking tan with Garnier's 59%-off moisturiser.

    10. Give your brows a stay-put tint for 34% less with Eyelure's kit.

    11. There's 35% off this Rimmel eyeliner (don't mind if I do).

    12. Nab half off Johnson's makeup-removing wipes while you can.

    13. Treat your tresses to this 50%-off banana-infused Hair Food mask.

    14. Um, Rimmel's 3D lengthening mascara for 33% off? Yes, please.

    15. Strengthen your nails for 50% less with Sally Hansen's Hard As Nails treatment.

    16. Keep your hands hydrated for 60% less with Garnier's deeply nourishing cream.

    17. There's 45% off this vitamin C-infused moisturiser right now (don't let the boys gatekeep its brightening, hydrating goodness).

    18. This triple-pack of lime and aloe-scented soaps from Baylis & Harding is a steal at 28% off.

    19. I swear by OGX's biotin and collagen-infused shampoo, so you'd best believe I'm stocking up now it's 50% off.

    20. Deeply hydrate your entire bod with Nivea's 57%-off shower creme.

    21. Our entire shopping team loves Barry M's entire nail range, so we're adding their 38%-off nail hardener and topcoat while we can.

    22. If (like me) your hair gets as oily as decent chippie's brown bag, consider the 63% discount on this Bastiste dry shampoo to be a sign.

    23. There's 20% off this already-cheap lash curler.

    24. The last time I went for a pedicure, I got in trouble for very clearly not using clippers on my toenails – so yes, I will be nabbing these 33%-off ones.

    25. Fellow dry scalp-havers, rejoice: not only does it turn out that E45 have extended their moisturising range to include a shampoo, but it's also 40% off.

    26. I love Garnier's skin-like CC cream that's infused with hyaluronic acid, but I reckon I might love its current 50% discount even more.

    27. Banish that annoying dead skin at the base of your nails with Sally Hansen's 30%-off cuticle remover gel.

    28. I reckon Maybelline's 22%-off Hyper Precise liquid liner is *just* as pigmented and long-lasting as much pricier options I've tried.

    29. Enjoy some serious shavings (sorry) with Bic's 33%-off four-pack of razors.

    30. Save a seriously soothing 41% on this kilo(!) of bath salts.

    31. And I swear by their overnight option for *truly* oily scenarios (doesn't hurt that it's 38% off, right?).

    32. There's a plucking great 28% discount on these slanted tweezers ATM.

    33. Keep long hair looking haircut-fresh with L'Oreal's 43%-off Dream Lengths shampoo.

    34. This 46%-off lash serum is ridiculously well-reviewed.

    35. Get your skin swimsuit-ready with Aveeno's nourishing body lotion (it's 41% off right now!).

    36. Grab this triple-pack of Technic contour sticks while they're 23% off.

    37. The Inkey List's cult-status hyaluronic acid is 30% off right now.

    38. There's 24% off this Lash Sensational mascara right now, which, if you've been on TikTok in the last two years, you'll want to snap up ASAP.

    39. Speaking of viral products, Maybelline's Eraser concealer is down by 33% right now (race you to the checkout?).