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    44 Products Under £4 I'm Pretty Sure You Won't Regret Buying

    Including a vacuum air freshener and the smartest onion gadget I've ever seen!

    1. Okay, but how stunning is this hair jewellery?

    2. And while we're on the topic, these scrunchies get an 11/10 from me.

    3. Clean and polish your stainless steel surfaces with this specially-designed reusable cloth.

    4. *Finally* hang up that picture you've had lying around for ages with these Command strips.

    5. If you love crochet or knitting, you'll understand why I *had* to include this electronic stitch counter.

    6. I'm starting to regret all of the years I lived without this genius onion-chopping tool.

    7. You'll be able to keep your shower clean and streak-free with this low-effort squeegee.

    8. Store your cut avocado in this endlessly useful pod!

    9. Give yourself an at-home manicure with this absolute steal of a nail kit.

    10. Cleanse *and* exfoliate your face with these silicone scrubbers!

    11. Speaking of silicone, this heat-resistant mat is the perfect way to protect your surfaces from hot straighteners or curling irons.

    12. Re-seal your opened packets with these low-hassle food clips.

    13. Customers swear by this nourishing and hydrating hair mask from Garnier.

    14. These four-way Bic pens work out at less than £1 each.

    15. The slanted angle of these tweezers makes them incredibly precise.

    16. Exfoliate your skin as you shower with these machine-washable gloves.

    17. Mitchum's invisible roll-on deodorant provides protection *without* leaving any annoying white marks behind.

    18. Pet owners swear by these scented vacuum cleaner discs to banish any lingering odours.

    19. Deeply cleanse your pores with this niacinamide serum from Revolution.

    20. Once I tried OGX's thickening biotin and collagen conditioner, I knew I could never go back to my previous fave.

    21. This makeup sponge and holder set is almost too cheap to believe, but here we are.

    22. If your nails have been flaking or splitting recently, this hydrating cuticle oil might just tackle the root cause,

    23. Customers say Maybelline's 'Hyper Precise' liquid eyeliner feels MUCH more expensive than it really is.

    24. If you love the convenience of disposable cotton rounds but hate the waste of throwing them out, this pack of ten reusable and machine-washable ones is here to help.

    25. Remove dust, hair, and more from your clothes or soft furnishings with the help of this lint roller.

    26. NGL, I bulk-bought this gorgeous card for all my friends' birthdays as soon as I saw it.

    27. Don't mind me, just ordering these facial wax strips from Nair ASAP.

    28. Customers use these plastic can covers to seal everything from opened pet food cans to half-eaten tins of beans.

    29. Build up a natural-looking glow with Dove's medium to dark tanning lotion.

    30. This washing-up brush has a useful scraper, so you'll be able to tackle that Stain of Shame on your fave pot at last!

    31. Maybelline's brow pencil has a spoolie on one of its ends to help you shape *and* fill your eyebrows.

    32. Home bakers will seriously appreciate these reusable silicone cupcake cases.

    33. Achieve that oh-so-trendy 'glass skin' look with Rimmel's dewy jelly blush.

    34. Banish the bags under your eyes with this soothing roll-on cream.

    35. Okay, but how gorgeous is this tinted lip balm from Max Factor?!

    36. This genius two-in-one tinfoil and parchment paper is truly a home cook's dream!

    37. Make the stains on your sofa a thing of the past with this fabric stain remover.

    38. Students frankly need to know about this four-piece maths set that costs less than one quid.

    39. This whitening Pearl Drops toothpaste will polish your teeth while you clean them!

    40. Duzzit's (bloody massive) bottle of baking soda does pretty much every cleaning task you can imagine, and it helps to neutralise odours too!

    41. Dr. Beckmann's carpet cleaner has become a cult-status cleaning product for a reason! It'll remove the Dreaded Patch from your soft furnishings in minutes.

    42. It turns out that the TikTok-famous Elbow Grease spray actually will cut through your kitchen's sticky surfaces in no time.

    43. This descaler ball will prevent that Dreaded Crust from building up in your kettle. Just drop it in and continue using your appliance as normal!

    44. You can finally organise the Drawer of Shame with the help of this acrylic insert.

    Me looking at these prices: