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    33 Products That Are Absolute Bargains Right Now

    With impressive offers from Oliver Bonas, Urban Outfitters, Hotel Chocolat, and loads more!

    1. This duo pack of two Hoola bronzers (one full-sized and one travel-sized compact) is worth over £41, but you'll only pay £27 for the pair.

    2. Save an incredible 66% on this Breville kettle, which has a handy filter in the spout and useful anti-limescale features!

    Kettle on table

    3. You'd be a mug (I'm so sorry) to ignore this Friends-themed cup that's over 62% off right now.

    Mug that says "How you doin'?"

    4. This solid marble and real acacia wood cheese board is over 68% off right now.

    A white marble and wood chopping board with a leather handle and a gold-coloured metal strip separating the wood from the marble

    5. The only thing better than this NYX Rose Gold palette is the fact that it's currently down 60%!

    eyeshadow palette with pinkish shades

    6. Save 72% on this text-motif sweatshirt.

    Smiling woman looking to the right wearing a grey sweater with gold text

    7. This half-pice HydraGel cream from Elizabeth Arden is deeply nourishing.

    Tub of face cream on white background

    8. This mirrored jewellery box is down an incredible 60%.

    Mirrored trinket box with clips

    9. The Nano Slab Gallery from Hotel Chocolat is currently down 35%.

    Box of chocolates

    10. Save 75% on these stunning tweezers.

    Tweezers in pink packaging

    11. You can get this palm-shaped enamel pin for 66% off its usual price.

    Palm-shaped enamel pin

    12. This half-price perfume from Elizabeth Arden smells as cute as it looks.

    Perfume bottle in front of packaging

    13. This neon arrow light is better than half price.

    Red neon arrow-shaped light on a bench

    14. Get 36% off this BaByliss Big Hair air styler.

    An air styler

    15. You can snap up this Nintendo cartridge-shaped notebook for 66% less than you'd usually pay.

    Notebook with pen

    16. You can save a whopping 91% on this beginner-friendly drawing course.

    Hand holding blue pencil over drawing of girl's face

    17. Perfect your piano-playing skills for less with this course that's 94% off!

    Hands playing a piano

    18. Keep your curls and your checking account healthy with this third-off As I Am DoubleButter cream.

    Tub of hair cream

    19. These cult-status COSRX pimple patches are down an impressive 33%.

    COSRX patches

    20. This OUAI Curl conditioner is half price.

    Bottle of connditioner

    21. Save 69% on this PAYOT eye contour cream.

    Bottle of eye cream

    22. This Denman brush is currently almost a third off.

    Dennma brush back and front

    23. This monogrammed velvet wash bag is down a whopping 70% right now. You can choose your initial from all the letters of the alphabet!

    Pink velvet wash bag with a black letter "A" on it and black fringing on the zip

    24. This coffee and salt body scrub is better than half price.

    25. If you've been meaning to buy a big rug for a while, this stunning one has a 52% discount.

    Blue rug on a floor

    26. This half-price mini microphone plugs into your phone and works with various recording and karaoke apps.

    A mini microphone plugged into a phone

    27. Save 60% on this Gryffindor doormat.

    Doormat with Gryffindor crest and colours

    28. This iridescent clip is down a pearl-fect 81% (woah).

    Shiny clip

    29. This adorable copper-look photo holder is half-price right now.

    Small star-shaped photo holder

    30. This caffeinated conditioner is 80% off.


    31. This blackhead remover kit is 44% off.

    A set of tools for extracting blackheads

    32. If you love KIND bars, you'll probably appreciate the 35% discount on this pack of 12 sea salt & caramel-flavoured treats.

    33. This USB-C to HDMI cable is perfect for movie nights in, and its 42% discount is kind to your wallet too.