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    19 Cleaning Products To Try If You Love Bargains And Hate Filth

    Get your place sparkling for less!

    1. You'll be able to clear your kitchen and bath drains with this extra-powerful unblocking fluid. It'll dissolve everything from hair to built-up grease!

    2. This double-sided toilet brush will get right under the rim of your loo!

    3. This stain-removing cleaning cream works just as well on your clothes as it does on your carpets, leather, metal, and wood. No wonder reviewers are so impressed!

    4. You'll be able to get your glasses sparkling with this lemon-scented rinse aid from Finish.

    5. This rim block will help to keep your loo fresh between scrubs.

    6. This all-purpose cleaner works on a variety of different surfaces, has gotten rave reviews, and smells of rhubarb. What's not to like?!

    7. This washing machine cleaner from Dettol will get your appliance sparkling from the inside out.

    8. Keep your kitchen sink clean with this simple caddy that will ensure your sponge stays within easy reach without the spills, soap marks, or water stains.

    9. Plug holes can fill up with grease and scum pretty quickly, but don't worry – these dissolving drain sticks have got your back!

    10. This antifungal grout-reviving pen will leave the spaces in between your tiles looking as good as new.

    11. Mould is a really common problem in the UK, so it's a good thing this removal spray is so effective.

    12. This limescale-busting spray will remove the buildup on your shower head in minutes.

    13. This degreaser spray does exactly what it promises to do – it'll keep your kitchen free from built-up oil and grease, cutting through even stubborn stains.

    14. If your hob is in need of some TLC, this gentle-but-effective cleaner is perfect for the job.

    15. The Pink Stuff is a classic cleaning paste for a reason – it tackles everything from water marks to light rust without damaging the surface underneath!

    16. These OXO detail brushes were made to tackle those hard-to-reach spots, and it shows.

    17. These reusable descaler balls will get rid of that icky crust in your kettle.

    18. This highly-rated interior shampoo will help to transform your car seats (in fact, it works on all kinds of synthetic fabric upholstery!).

    19. Keep your shower clean with this specially-designed squeegee.

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