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    Anthropologie Are Having An Easter Sale And FYI, The Deals Are Eggcellent

    And just so you know, most of the things on this list are under a tenner.

    Anthropologie are having a sale right now, with particularly good deals on their Easter-related products. We've gone through the site to find you the best deals!

    1. Save 25% on this sea salt and dark chocolate egg (um, chocolate and discounts? Yes, please).

    2. This hanging glass Easter egg decoration can be opened, making it perfect for storing sweets, notes, and more inside. And as if that wasn't enough, it's 20% off at the moment too!

    3. This Parker spatula is 20% off right now – it's a great way to add some glam to your Easter baking!

    4. Okay, I want you to think about slightly melted mini eggs sitting in a cup of creamy hot chocolate, and THEN I want you to look at this 25%-off cocoa spoon. I mean, come ON.

    5. These embroidered hanging decorations have definitely stolen my heart, and at 20% off, they'll impress my wallet too.

    6. Save 20% on these ladybird-shaped chocolates (aww).

    7. Snap up this set of four adorable carrot-shaped decorations for a fifth off their usual price.

    8. These spring-themed hand creams are 20% off – you can get one with your initial on it for added personalisation!

    9. This bar of soap comes in the cutest packaging possible, and right now it comes with a 25% discount too.

    10. Snap up this lustered coupé glass for a quarter off.

    11. This seed ball mix contains a variety of native wild flowers that will attract butterflies and bees to your garden, and the set is 20% off right now. Think of these as teeny-tiny Easter eggs for your lawn!

    12. This gorgeous garden tile mug is down 25% at the moment.

    13. This stunning mug has a 25% discount right now!

    14. The only thing better than this adorable baby bunny toy is the fact that it's 25% off right now.

    15. These monogrammed bistro-style mugs are available in all the letters of the alphabet. You can get one now for 20% off!

    16. These adorable bunny ears come in a pack of eight in four different colours, and they're an impressive 27% off right now.

    17. This bunny-based baking kit is down 25%. It's filled with adorable bunny cake toppings, pretty cupcake cases, and more!

    18. Don't be fooled by the chocolate-like appearance of this incredible grow bar – it's actually a catnip-growing kit that allows you to grow your own feline-friendly plants. And as if all that wasn't enough, it's a quarter off now too!

    19. Save 25% on this purrfect feline mug.

    20. These polka-dot egg decorations are 1) gorgeous, 2) an easy way to add some festive glam to your home, and 3) currently 25% off. What's not to like?!

    21. This visage mug is a quarter off at the moment!

    22. Grab one of these monogrammed trinket dishes for 27% off their usual price.

    23. I find this cat-shaped planter highly ameowsing, and I'm a fan of its 21% discount too.

    24. This handy plate is 24% off right now!