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    33 Products From Amazon's Discounted 'Overstock' Section That Belong In Your Basket ASAP

    Get ready to start saving!

    FYI, Amazon have a discounted 'Outlet' section where you can find overstocked items for much less than you'd usually pay. Here are some of our fave finds!

    1. Unleash your inner artist for 66% less with this stunning paint-by-numbers kit.

    2. At 58% off, there's basically not excuse not to buy this knife sharpener.

    3. The only thing better than this extra-large throw is the fact that it's 58% off.

    4. The head of this toilet brush is made from silicone, so nothing will get caught in between the bristles. Nab it for half off!

    5. Not only do these satin pillowcases look luxe AF, but they'll *also* help to prevent wrinkles and creases in your face. They're half-price!

    6. Don't mind me, just ordering these stunning battery-operated tealights while they're 49% off.

    7. Deep-clean your house *without* the faff by nabbing this 48%-off cordless vacuum cleaner.

    8. The only thing better than this non-slip waterproof desk mat is the fact that it's 47% off.

    9. Save 44% on this size three crochet yarn that's perfect for beginners!

    10. Protect your AirPods with this genius (and 43%-off) shockproof carry case.

    11. You'll feel like a TikTok home decor pro with these voice-activated colour-changing LED strips. They're a steal at 41% off!

    12. This exfoliating shower brush is much easier to clean than its traditional counterparts, and as if that wasn't enough, it's 41% off too!

    13. Add a *luxe* massage to your skincare routine with this 39%-off cleansing brush.

    14. Got a birthday coming up? Nobody needs to know that you got these gold confetti balloons for 38% off.

    15. I'm struggling to believe that this set of 24 acrylic paints is 38% off, but here we are.

    16. Organise your kitchen sink for 36% less with this self-adhesive caddy.

    17. This ridiculously luxe-looking watch was honestly a steal even before its 33% discount.

    18. Save 33% on these solar-powered rose-shaped lights.

    19. Home cooks, let's just take a moment to appreciate the 35% discount on this shallow cast iron casserole dish.

    20. You could be forgiven for thinking this 33%-off battery-powered hanging lamp came from a boutique.

    21. Add some extra sockets to your room with this 32%-off extension lead. It's 1.2 metres long, so you'll *finally* be able to look at your phone on the far side of your bed while it's charging!

    22. Enjoy a sweet 32% discount on this extensive cake-decorating kit!

    23. This ten-piece makeup brush set from Jessup is down by an irresistible 32%.

    24. Transform your space without having to whip out the toolbox by nabbing this 31%-off roll of peel-and-stick tiles.

    25. Well, it looks like I'm ordering this 31%-off coconut-scented bath and body kit today.

    26. Bag (sorry) a bargain with this 31%-off Van Gogh-inspired tote.

    27. Upgrade your kitchen setup for 31% less with this 16cm chef's knife.

    28. If pizza is pretty much your favourite food, you'll probably love this 30%-off kit. It contains a pizza peel, a round cutter, and a slice shovel (something about the term 'slice shovel' just really floats my boat, you know).

    29. Home bakers will be glad they bought this 7.5-litre stand mixer while it was 29% off.

    30. The shades in this 57%-off eyeshadow palette are impressively highly-pigmented!

    31. These UGG crew socks are down by 56% right now.

    32. Sorry, but how chic is this 46%-off plant pot cover?!

    33. Get organised with this 35%-off planner that comes with (and I cannot stress this enough) stickers.

    Want to check out even MORE overstocked discounts? You can view Amazon's entire 'Outlet' page by clicking here.