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    41 Products From Amazon's Overstocked 'Outlet' Section That Belong In Your Basket This August

    With deals on everything from Le Creuset to NIP+FAB and Lindt!

    In case you didn't already know, Amazon have a discounted 'Overstock' section where you can find incredible products for less. Here are some of our fave finds!

    1. Save 48% on NIP+FAB's smoothing and plumping retinol eye serum.

    2. And their pore-minimising BHA and niacinamide serum is half off too!

    3. Nab an impressive 57% off this 4711 perfume that smells of bergamot, lavender, neroli, and more. It comes in a massive 800ml bottle!

    4. Our entire shopping team swears by this half-price Seche Vite topcoat.

    5. This 40%-off Pyrex flan dish is perfect for summer.

    6. And this Pretige x Nadiya cast iron casserole dish is a steal too (yes, that is GBBO's Naydia).

    7. And if you're after something a little more ~premium~, this 31%-off Le Creuset casserole dish is ideal.

    8. This 58%-off laptop riser is a WFH must-have.

    9. Speaking of which, these blue light-blocking glasses are down by 68%.

    10. This 55%-off security camera has face identification technology.

    11. Perfect your morning cuppa with this two-in-one milk frother and coffee grinder. It's 54% off!

    12. Channel your inner pastry chef with these 49%-off ramekins.

    13. Forget a computer mouse – I'm sticking to this 48%-off wireless 'hamster' instead, thanks.

    14. These 48%-off self-adhesive toothbrush holders are honestly kind of genius.

    15. If your two main August goals are 'save money' and 'get more organised', we have something in common. These 55%-off underwear drawer inserts have got our backs!

    16. Don't mind me, just ordering these globe lights while they're 43% off.

    17. This 15-piece bamboo makeup brush set looked way more expensive than it really was, even before its 43% discount.

    18. This relaxing diffuser is down by an equally soothing 41%.

    19. As is this expandable kitchen drawer insert that has an organisation space for your knives!

    20. If you're due a new makeup sponge or four, this 65%-off eco-friendly set is pretty much perfect.

    21. I'm over the moon (sorry) about the 41% discount on this touch-dimmable lamp.

    22. This 25%-off seagrass basket is the best way to make your laundry look *chic*.

    23. You'll get a new hobby *and* some decor from this pair of beginner-friendly embroidery round sets.

    24. This French press is down by a steaming 52%.

    25. Snap up this 51%-off pair of extra-thick Sharpies for next to nothing.

    26. There's 36% off this paddling pool right now!

    27. And if you're serious about upgrading your outdoor space this summer, this half-price outdoor furniture set is ideal.

    28. Um, a kilo of Lindt truffles for 27% off? Yes, please.

    29. Up your cooking game for 49% less with this ten-inch chef's knife that's made from German steel.

    30. I'm struggling to believe that this adorable desk lamp is 33% off, but here we are.

    31. Looking at my kitchen's cluttered draining board, it looks like I need to buy this two-tier rack while it's 32% off.

    32. Save 20% (or £100 in the case) on this touchscreen ASUS laptop.

    33. Stretch your muscles instead of your budget with this half-off foam roller!

    34. If you've ever sweated through the night in a plastic-lined single sleeping bag, you'll understand why the 48% discount on this fleece-lined double option is so tempting.

    35. And the 47% price cut on this portable BBQ is pretty tempting, too.

    36. Dance your way through Rennaissance in the shower with this suction cup-backed Bluetooth speaker. It's doubles up as an alarm clock (yes, really) and is also 51% off!

    37. The only thing better than this peach-hued duvet set is the fact that it's half off right now.

    38. Store your makeup in this 43%-off transparent box.

    39. Perfect drool-worthy brownies with Tala's 36%-off square baking tin.

    40. Okay, but this set of four clay flower pots is almost too cute to handle – and it's 27% off.

    41. Protect your car seats from Soggy Dog Syndrome with this 41%-off waterproof cover.

    Want to check out even MORE deals? You can view Amazon's entire 'Outlet' section by clicking here.