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    "They Told Us, 'If You Guys Are So Sensitive, You Should Leave'" — 14 Times Actors Walked Off Set

    Lights, camera, walkout.

    Jennifer Aniston walked out on the Friends: The Reunion reboot a LOT, but for completely understandable reasons.

    1. Nicholas Cage allegedly walked off set when the armorer for The Old Way set off live ammunition close to him.

    2. Emma Watson is rumoured to have walked off the set of This Is The End after Channing Tatum danced in her face wearing just a G-string.

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    3. James Caan reportedly left the set of Accidental Love after the director asked him to both cough and choke at the same time.

    4. Mayam Bialik walked off the set of Jeopardy to stand with striking writers.

    5. And Dermot Mulroney walked off the set of The View for the same reason.

    6. Raven-Symoné walked out on the set of Raven's Home with her colleagues to protest a "don't say gay" bill.

    7. Terri Garr reportedly left the set of Star Trek after director Gene Roddenberry asked her to shorten her (already very mini) miniskirt.

    8. About a dozen Native American actors walked out of The Ridiculous 6 because of insensitive jokes and inappropriate treatment, The Indian Country Today Media Network says.

    9. Ian McKellan almost left The Hobbit because of its greenscreen filming method.

    10. Carl Weathers walked out of a scene in Rocky IV because his co-star "heave[d] him three feet into the corner".

    11. Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio walked off the set of The Abyss after a very intense drowning scene.

    12. Diana Rigg walked off set because she wasn't feeling up for a closeup.

    13. Jessica Alba nearly left the film industry altogether, never mind Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer specifically, after being asked to "be prettier" while crying.

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