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    88 Cute Little Things Under £8 That Will Probably Bring A Smile To Your Face

    Cute AND budget-friendly? The dream TBH.

    1. These tasty chocolate treats were literally designed to sit on top of your cuppa. What's not to love?!

    2. This bath bomb fizzes like an overflowing cauldron when you add it to water.

    3. This biscuit-shaped bookmark is magnetic, making it practical AND pretty.

    4. This egg cup is just dinomite.

    5. These lip balms are about to become the Central Perk of your makeup bag (I'm so sorry).

    6. Make your room smell incredible with these white lavender incense cones.

    7. Keep your documents together with these oinkredibly cute clips.

    8. This octopus-shaped mug is almost too cute to use. Almost.

    9. Treat your skin to this bubble face mask.

    10. These avocado-shaped keyrings are a great way to connect with your partner or BFF.

    11. This dry-erase iridescent whiteboard is stunning.

    12. These vitamin-shaped highlighters come in an adorable jar.

    13. This iridescent notebook binder is gorgeous.

    14. This kit contains everything you need to create your own cat-shaped door stop.

    15. These dog-shaped sticky notes are fun and functional.

    16. This adorable cookie cutter will transform your bakes into sausage dog-shaped treats.

    17. You can cool these reusable gel pads in the fridge overnight and then pop them under your eyes in the morning to keep you looking bright and awake for video calls.

    18. This cucumber and green tea spray from Mario Badescu is the perfect combination of soothing and refreshing.

    19. This lil' palm-reading book will give you a fun hobby to try.

    20. This pentagonal trinket dish works as storage AND decor.

    21. These celestial socks are out of this world.

    22. This origami memo pad will keep you occupied in the prettiest way possible.

    23. Consider yourself a true Friends fan? Prove it with these trivia cards.

    24. Protect your iPhone in style with this stellar case.

    25. This zit-zapping blemish stick has two ends, one for night use and another designed for the daytime.

    26. Sorry, but how cute is this dog-shaped whisk?!

    27. These cat pens are purrfect.

    28. Gamers will love this set of 100 video game-related trivia cards.

    29. Release some stress with this waffley good squeeze toy.

    30. This adorable cushion comes in a range of different sizes.

    31. Exfoliate with this body brush that looks way more expensive than it actually is.

    32. This eraser set is incredibly sweet.

    33. Stay hydrated while ALSO showing your fandom with this Polyjuice Potion water bottle.

    34. These cat coasters are highly ameowsing.

    35. Light up your life (or at least your room) with this adorable lamp.

    36. These cactus-shaped candles are plantastic.

    37. This lil' book answers the questions we all have about our feline friends.

    38. You can tell me you don't want to own these plush panda-shaped fridge magnets, but I won't believe you.

    39. Cover your spots while ALSO helping to heal them with these hydrocolloid spot patches.

    40. Uno is a classic for a reason – it takes up almost no space, it's suitable for anyone over the age of seven, and most importantly, it's really good fun.

    41. These fairy lights are fintastic.

    42. Squeeze out your stress with these adorable keyrings.

    43. Treat (or trick) yourself with this carton of Bertie Bott's Every Flavour Beans.

    44. This coaster set is just *chef's kiss*.

    45. This plush set is very visually appealing.

    46. This pug-pattern mouse mat is frankly too cute for words.

    47. These teeny-tiny fridge magnets will help you display your stuff in the most adorable way possible.

    48. Keep yourself entertained without cluttering your desk by using this mini tetherball set.

    49. You'll say "ah, classic" to every single one of these art memes (literally).

    50. This Little Book of Mindfulness is as cute as it is helpful.

    51. This gold-dip cement planter will add some industrial-but-pretty vibes to any room you place it in.

    52. Friends fans will love this Central Perk poster.

    53. This reusable shopping bag folds up into a little sheep when it's not in use.

    54. I'm obsessed with these dog-shaped paper clips.

    55. This Mixed Emotions nail varnish is doubly dazzling.

    56. Treat your skin to this Ariel face mask.

    57. This Deathly Hallows slider charm is honestly bewitching.

    58. Decide what to order for dinner with a roll of this takeaway dice. It's a great way to give yourself inspo for at-home dinners, too!

    59. This pollinator Seedbom sprouts bee-friendly plants wherever you throw it.

    60. You can grow your own sloth with this novelty set.

    61. This gorgeous vegan candle is made with unscented soy wax.

    62. Entertain yourself with this retro keychain game.

    63. This Wallace and Gromit book is packed with facts, cheesy recipes, and jokes.

    64. Dry your hair while keeping it moisturised with this argan oil-infused microfibre turban that even has a handy button fastener.

    65. This Simba-shaped mug is about to become the mane attraction of your kitchen.

    66. Host a pub quiz over video call with these cards.

    67. This handy device works as a coffee spoon and a bag clip.

    68. Solve two tricky puzzles at once with this Sudokube.

    69. These comfy socks tell nothing but the truth.

    70. This salted caramel hot chocolate spoon will allow you to treat your tastebuds in a super fun way.

    71. Indulge in some strawberry and white chocolate shortbreads (I'm not drooling, you are).

    72. Add some ~luxe~ to your day with these rosewater bath fizzers.

    73. Give the gift of a sunflower with this lil' grow kit.

    74. This candle holder is outrageously pretty.

    75. Want an at-home spa day but don't have a bath? These shower steamers are the perfect solution.

    76. The romantic message pressed onto these beans will grow bigger as the plant does (aww).

    77. Maximise your joy of knitting or crocheting with this (bloody massive) ball of chunky-knit wool!

    78. These clips are just pearlfect (I'm so sorry).

    79. Hydrate your hands with this vitamin E-infused hand cream.

    80. This face mask is a serious bargain.

    81. This notebook is more romantic than a love letter IMO.

    82. These pawsome mugs come with lids.

    83. This cupcake-shaped cap is sure to make your shower sweeter.

    84. These comfy socks have no right to be as pretty as they are.

    85. Jonathan Van Ness fans will recognise how much of a ~mood~ this pretty mug is.

    86. Could this glasses case bee any cuter?!

    87. This Harry Potter-themed letter writing set is stunning.

    88. If you're anything like me, you'll want this plush turtle as soon as you see it.