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    Just 66 Things Under £6 That Will Probably Brighten Up Your Day

    These are definitely cheap AND cheerful.

    1. These sprout-shaped bookmarks are unbeleafably cute.

    2. Turn your water into dog-shaped ice cubes with this handy silicone tray.

    3. These astronaut-shaped earrings are out of this world.

    4. This gorgeous, detailed adult colouring book has gotten some rave reviews.

    5. These faux pearl-covered hair clips are incredible!

    6. This lil' microfibre cloth is the perfect way to keep your screens clean (plus, I don't know if you noticed this, but it is in fact shaped like a vacuum cleaner).

    7. These duck-shaped toast tongs are absolutely quacking.

    8. Sorry, but this stunning mouse pad has no right to be as pretty as it is.

    9. This astronaut-shaped light plugs into your USB port for a celestial glow.

    10. This incredible nine-piece kit contains everything you need to mix your own face masks at home, including an applicator, a lil' jar to store any leftover product, and loads more.

    11. I find these Highland cow salt and pepper shakers highly amoosing.

    12. These plush panda magnets are almost too cute to handle. Almost.

    13. How stunning are these memo pads?

    14. These gorgeous lights come in all the letters of the alphabet!

    15. This face mask is just pawsome.

    16. This badge knows the tea.

    17. I can't stop thinking about this unspeakably cute cushion.

    18. This Under The Sea nail polish from Barry M is outrageously pretty.

    19. This reed diffuser smells like fresh linen (yes, please).

    20. BRB, about to buy five packs of these cactus-shaped candles.

    21. This mini hoover is the perfect way to tackle crumbs, dust, and more from your desk and bedsheets.

    22. This makeup bag is a serious bargain.

    23. These bath bombs are shaped like lil' cakes (aww).

    24. This insanely highly-rated set of nine brushes comes in a gorgeous blue colour.

    25. This drawstring bag allows you to see everything that's in there when it's open (wave goodbye to spending ages looking for that one product in a cluttered makeup bag).

    26. These earrings have an iridescent finish.

    27. You can customise this celestial phone case with any text you like.

    28. Marvel fans will love this Groot flower pot.

    29. These copper-look fairy lights will brighten up any room you put them in (figuratively and literally).

    30. You can draw your own patterns on this two-way cushion cover.

    31. These record-shaped coasters are a sound buy (sorry).

    32. Decide what to order for dinner with a roll of this takeaway dice.

    33. These rose-shaped embroidery patches look great! The iron-on application is really easy, and you can remove them with heat just as easily as you put them on. Then, they can be reused on another fabric!

    34. Form whatever shape you like with these pretty sheets of origami paper.

    35. Protect the bristles of your toothbrush in the cutest way possible with this fox-shaped holder. There's a tiny suction cup at the back which means you can stick it to your mirror or tiles!

    36. This Airpod case is about to be the Starr of your handbag.

    37. These erasers are shaped like crayons and NGL, I'm a pretty huge fan.

    38. These stickers are unbeeatably cute.

    39. This trinket dish has a cactus-shaped ring holder on it.

    40. Treat your hair to this nourishing mask.

    41. These three notepads are filled with plain paper, so you can doodle and write notes in them.

    42. This speech bubble-shaped rug will be a serious talking point in your room.

    43. Grow your own fake pet sloth with this wholesome kit.

    44. This ring holder puts the "fun" in '"functional".

    45. Seal your opened bags with these animal-shaped clips!

    46. Whoever invented these paperclips was having a serious lightbulb moment.

    47. Gamers will probably love this Game Boy cartridge-shaped notebook!

    48. This milk carton-shaped pencil case will make a splash.

    49. These erasers cost peanuts.

    50. And these pens are koalaty!

    51. This sloth-shaped glasses case just wants to hang out.

    52. These pastel highlighters work just like the regular kinds, but are way cuter.

    53. These botanical-themed stickers are perfect for scrapbookers or anyone who wants to decorate their stuff in a super low-effort way.

    54. This sweet pin is perfect for bakers.

    55. And so are these adorable earrings!

    56. This foxy eye mask will help to block out light when you're trying to sleep.

    57. These pot holders don't need to be this cute, but here we are.

    58. Yeah, I'm going to need to own this panda-shaped stapler immediately, thanks.

    59. I'm losing it over this set of two matching avocado keyrings.

    60. These cat-shaped socks are purrfect.

    61. And so are these non-slip coasters!

    62. These nifty little bags are designed to hold your pads and tampons discreetly.

    63. This tote bag really says it all.

    64. I can't explain why I want these plush peas in a pod so badly. I just know I really, really do.

    65. You can hide your stuff in this container that looks like a tin of beans (I know, right?!).

    66. And last but most definitely not least, this Hedwig brooch is perfect for Potterheads.

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