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    27 Products That Are Basically The Definition Of 'Worth Every Penny'

    These are pretty much regret-proof!

    1. I'm not ashamed to admit that I genuinely gasped out loud when I saw this genius mop bucket with a raised drainage system.

    2. This genius soap saver will prevent your surfaces from getting sticky *and* help your bar soap to dry faster.

    3. Store your toilet paper the smart and space-saving way with this over-the-tank holder.

    4. This sleek bag holder can be placed over the cupboard door below your sink, so you'll be able to make a scraps bin whenever you need to.

    5. Once I tried these exfoliating washcloths, I knew I could never return to that loofah-only life.

    6. This is a bit embarrassing, but I honestly thought the dead skin at the base of my feet was too much to deal with until I nabbed this extensive pedicure kit.

    7. This anti-limescale shower head is the best purchase I've made in months. It gave our shower perfect water pressure for the first time ever, and it helps my shampoos to lather faster too!

    8. Sorry, but your kitchen basically isn't complete without these reusable stretchy silicone lids.

    9. Duzzit's (bloody massive) bottle of baking soda does pretty much every cleaning task you can imagine, and it helps to neutralise odours too!

    10. This cat litter box has high sides and a lid to provide privacy and prevent the litter from spilling out. It also has an odour-eliminating filter!

    11. This shower shield solution will keep your unit gleaming between scrubs (and it works on your taps too!).

    12. I never thought I'd get excited about some frying pan-friendly scourers, but here I am.

    13. This nonstick crisping tray allows air to circulate around your food while it's in the oven, adding crunch without the oil (yes, please).

    14. I knew I was getting older when I became *genuinely* excited by the sheer size of this bin liner roll (I'm stocked up for MONTHS now, people).

    15. One of the first hard lessons of adulthood is realising how expensive detergent can be. This eco-friendly laundry egg solves that problem!

    16. This silent dehumidifier will remove excess moisture from your room, because at this point it's a sacred space that belongs only to you and your Netflix account.

    17. Remove your makeup effectively without the waste or expense of disposable rounds thanks to these eco-friendly alternatives.

    18. This (satisfying AF) fabric comb will remove the bobbles from your fave clothes in a few easy swipes, so you won't have to chuck out your fave sweater just because it's started pilling.

    19. You'll only need to buy these reusable freezer-safe bags once.

    20. I won't lie, I didn't fully trust the 'zero scrubbing required' claim that this mattress-cleaning spray made until its customers vouched for it.

    21. You can basically valet your vehicle for less than a tenner thanks to this interior shampoo.

    22. Your suede and nubuck items will last longer and look better if you invest in this specially-designed brush (and by "invest", I actually mean "spend less than £3 on").

    23. Dr. Beckmann's carpet cleaner has become a cult-status cleaning product for a reason! It'll remove the Dreaded Patch from your soft furnishings in minutes.

    24. This magnetic tracker will let you know when your pet's been fed, so they'll be unable to trick your household members into unwittingly giving them a double dinner.

    25. You can *finally* tackle that annoying bacne with the help of this salicylic acid-infused shower soap.

    26. Banish your next breakout with this fast-acting cream.

    27. This inexpensive retinol serum is a great way to plumpen and smoothen your skin!

    Me after buying every single one of these: