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    100 Random Things Under £10 That'll Probably Make You Smile

    Some of these are fun, some are useful, and all of them will give you change from a tenner!

    1. What's not to love about this Chip cup?!

    2. These Baby Yoda socks are almost too cute for words.

    3. These salt and pepper shakers are great elefun!

    4. You can make your bike safer AND more stylish thanks to these chic reflective stickers.

    5. This stunning set of 12 enamel pins is the perfect way to spruce up your fave bag or jacket.

    6. This Golden Snitch keyring will make Harry Potter fans feel like winners.

    7. This massive string of fairy lights is simply stellar.

    8. These puffer fish-shaped dryer buddies don't just look great – they're functional too! Pop them in your tumble dryer and they'll aerate your clothes as they spin in the drum, helping to dry your garments faster and leave them feeling softer.

    9. This Maleficent mask will help you to stay asleep even when it's bright outside.


    11. This chic compact mirror will be a super useful (and pretty) addition to your handbag.

    12. I don't know if you've noticed, but these sticky notes do, in fact, look like plasters.

    13. I can't stop thinking about this octopus-shaped mug.

    14. This bedside caddy is here to make relaxing that little bit easier.

    15. These Friends-themed lip balms are about to become the Central Perk of your beauty routine.

    16. And you can personalise this Friends-themed pillow with your name.

    17. Transform your windows with this stained glass-look film.

    18. Have a ~refreshing~ night's sleep no matter the weather with this gel pillow insert. It has a stay-cool filling, so you won't even need to refrigerate it before use!

    19. This hydrating hand sanitiser spray is outrageously pretty. It's handbag-friendly, too!

    20. These mini highlighters look like lil' vitamins!

    21. You'll smile every time you walk past this sloth-shaped rug.

    22. Get rid of those annoying aches and pains with this massage roller.

    23. These nail files come in purrfect matchbox-shaped packaging.

    24. These gold-coloured masks are a great way to hydrate and de-puff the skin under your eyes.

    25. This sheet mask will make you look like Ariel when you have it on.

    26. Potterheads will adore this colour-changing Marauder's Map mug.

    27. These glittery Ouija board earrings are stunning.

    28. This hot chocolate stirrer is the perfect way to wrap up your day.

    29. This highly-rated microwave rice cooker will deliver fluffy grains in a matter of minutes.

    30. Entertain yourself the retro way with this keychain game.

    31. This eyelash serum is packed full of peptides and vitamin E. Customers say it's made their lashes longer and thicker!

    32. You can nab this colour-changing mushroom night light for less than £2 (woah).

    33. This foaming mint-scented body bar has a handy loop that'll make you way less likely to drop it.

    34. You can cover and heal your spots at the same time with the help of these hydrocolloid patches.

    35. This Guardians of the Galaxy badge is pincredible.

    36. You can enjoy the thrill of knowing your bins will be put back in the right place thanks to these personalised stickers. They're weatherproof, too!

    37. This reusable Wallace and Gromit bag is a toteally adorable way to reduce your waste when you're shopping.

    38. You can personalise this stunning phone case with your name. Choose your phone's make and model from its wide selection of options!

    39. Um, a kilo of mixed sweets for less than a tenner?! Yes, please.

    40. Can we just talk about this oinkredible whisk for a second?!

    41. This mini plant pot is gorgeous!

    42. You can cool this pair of reusable eye pads in the fridge for some super ~refreshing~ results.

    43. This colouring book is perfect for when you're feeling just a little frustrated.

    44. These Pac-Man glasses change colour when you pour cool liquid into them.

    45. Harry Potter fans will think this fluffy Hedwig notebook is a hoot!

    46. These cactus-shaped tealights are incredible.

    47. Shake up your home workout routine with these exercise flashcards.

    48. I mean, just look at this avocado-shaped cushion.

    49. These comic book-themed playing cards are Marvellous.

    50. These white lavender-scented incense cones look and smell incredible.

    51. This ring pull-shaped mug lid is fun and functional.

    52. These Miffy socks are incredibly nostalgic.

    53. This toothbrush holder looks like a little pair of wellies (aww).

    54. This Dr Paw Paw seven-in-one hair styler does so many jobs, including protecting your locks from heat and taming flyaways.

    55. If you love tea AND Friends, this lil' infuser is ideal.

    56. These sprout-shaped bookmarks might just be the best thing ever invented.

    57. These hair-drying microfibre caps are incredibly sweet.

    58. This genius lip balm looks like a Wall's Twister ice cream.

    59. BEHOLD this adorable squeezy stress toy.

    60. Keep yourself occupied with this 100-piece French bulldog jigsaw puzzle.

    61. These macaron-shaped bath bombs look like they should cost way more than they really do.

    62. This Shiba Inu-shaped cushion is about to become your new favourite thing.

    63. These plant pot-shaped silicone moulds will make your bakes even better. They're completely reusable too!

    64. This Dumbo headband will keep your hair away from your face when you're applying makeup or a face mask.

    65. I might never get over how pretty these astronaut-shaped earrings are.

    66. This resin trinket tray gets a 10/10 from me!

    67. This iridescent dry erase planner is as stunning as it is useful.

    68. This reusable shopping bag folds up to form a hedgehog when it's not in use (I know, right?!).

    69. You'll have a whale of a time with this tea infuser. The 'spout' hooks on to the outside of your mug, so you won't have to fish out (sorry) the strainer with your hands!

    70. If you love James Bond, you'll probably adore these Casino Royale coasters.

    71. If you need somewhere to store your Airpods, you might as well house them in something as cute as this coffee cup-shaped case.

    72. You'll probably say "aww" every time you walk past this hippo-shaped contact lens case.

    73. This Seedbom will plant flowers that attract butterflies!

    74. These duck-shaped tongs are quacking.

    75. This computer mouse honestly has no right to look as cute as it does.

    76. This sausage dog cookie cutter is just so cute.

    77. This hedgehog-shaped timer will make your kitchen approximately 20000% better.

    78. If you run on 90% tea or coffee, this Little Miss Caffeine mug is ideal.

    79. This large matchstick-shaped lighter is perfect if you've got a gas hob or oven.

    80. Protect your charger from fraying and breaking with these adorable cable bites.

    81. This blue tumbler has a ~boutique~ look to it.

    82. These penguin-shaped paperclips couldn't be any cuter if they tried.

    83. These Mean Girls pins are pretty fetch.

    84. BRB, about to buy these cat paw-shaped oven gloves immediately.

    85. Fellow The IT Crowd stans will want to own this Reynholm Industries mug ASAP.

    86. This 32GB USB stick might just be the cutest computer accessory you'll ever own.

    87. This soothing lavender and sage essential oil will help you drift off to sleep.

    88. Transform your day-three hair into a ~lewk~ with these stunning clips.

    89. This vitamin C serum is designed to brighten and exfoliate your skin. Customers have given it rave reviews!

    90. Store your stuff in style with this set of four mini storage baskets.

    91. I'm just saying, using this Shaun the Sheep egg cup at breakfast wouldn't be a baaad way to start the day.

    92. This Molten Metal nail polish from Barry M is perfection.

    93. If you can never decide what to order, this takeaway dice might come in handy. It can give you inspiration for home-cooked meals too!

    94. You'll love this macramé wall hanging to the moon and back.

    95. This Alice in Wonderland-themed brooch will leave you grinning like a Cheshire cat.

    96. These cat coasters are highly ameowsing.

    97. This extra-small makeup bag is ridiculously pretty.

    98. Let's just paws to appreciate this non-slip bath mat.

    99. This flexible silicone tray will turn your water into dachshund-shaped ice cubes.