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12 Important Questions Premier League Fans Have For NFL Fans

Because it's not just the English language that divides us.

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1. Why do you hang out in the car park (aka parking lot)?

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I mean, that set-up looks pretty sweet, but what about the driver? Does somebody volunteer to do all of the driving and cooking and none of the drinking? Who does that?

4. How does your league structure work?


The above image makes literally no sense. Splitting the country in half is sensible because your country is enormous, but why are there four subdivisions? What if the best and second-best teams in the AFC are both better than the best team in the NFC? Do they get promoted or relegated?


8. What the hell are your pitches made of?


The NFL game at Wembley last November utterly destroyed the hallowed turf at the home of football. Do you have to replace the grass after every game?


9. How does anybody afford to go to games?

Premier League fans are kicking off about the high ticket prices over here, but even the most expensive season ticket is a bargain compared to NFL prices. According to this piece by Chris Winterburn at World Soccer Talk, the price per game of the cheapest NFL season tickets is 1.7 times that of the Premier League equivalent, while the most expensive season tickets cost 3.6 times more per game than you'd pay in the Premier League.

Factor in the enormous cost of travel and the fact that most of the important games fall outside of the regular season (this makes no sense either btw), and following your team is likely to bankrupt you.

10. Why don't you play on Saturdays?

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OK, so some Premier League games are played on Sundays, and there's the odd one on a Monday as well, but most of the action goes down on a Saturday. Why would you not spread your games over the two days of the weekend rather than Sunday-Monday?

So confusing.

12. Cheerleaders?

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My English naivety led me to believe that cheerleaders were there to, you know, lead cheers (kind of like the loud bloke at the back of the stand in the Premier League who always starts "One Man Went to Mow" when you're 3-1 down). However, leading cheers seems to be an afterthought to performing some insane moves and epic stunts. Maybe time to rebrand?

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