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    Every Year Of Your Twenties As Described By Disney Villains


    20: Captain Hook


    The big 2-0! At this age, you've begun – or are continuing – to make interesting style choices as you try to figure out who you are. You're very proud that you're not a teenager anymore, and you look down on them as if you weren't just one. You're super into campus events such as "Talk Like a Pirate Day," and your hobbies include trolling the internet. You've gotten pretty good at skipping classes but still getting As. You're smart, but a bit rebellious. And you're TERRIFIED of crocodiles!

    21: Gaston


    You're 21 now! Yay, you can legally drink, so you LOVE going to bars. You should have your own bar! Decorated with antlers! You have no idea how dating works, to be honest, and you can come across as quite clueless in this area. For some reason, you haven't figured out how to use your indoor voice yet. You're goal-oriented, but sometimes your goals need to be more practical. In front of others, your self-esteem is through the roof, but like us all, you're insecure inside. That's 100% okay, just don't kill a beast because of it!

    22: The Evil Queen


    You're 22 now and still trying to understand yourself. You feel you need to present yourself as a perfect person with no flaws because in this time of growth, there's so much pressure to be "cool." You feel the need to keep up an image on Instagram as the fairest of them all. You thrive on gossip and being petty like everyone around you, but honestly, you're just trying to get through life like the rest of them.

    23: Cruella De Vil


    During this year of your life, you're feeling a bit lost; you're almost in your mid-twenties but you're still a little older than those fresh into their twenties. You feel a bit wiser than you were at 22, but you understand you're still clueless. So, what do you do? Well, dye your hair crazy colors, of course! Go out on the town! It's okay to be a bit of a mess. Maybe meet some new friends too! Some puppies, perhaps? BE NICE TO THE PUPPIES THOUGH!!!

    24: Jafar


    At 24, you're unsure of your place in the world but still want so much all at once. The angst is flowing like water from your kitchen sink, which always seems to be filled with dirty dishes. Having gotten through the more confusing ages of 20-23, you feel you're a full-fledged adult who deserves more responsibility at work, though it may not be the right time for that now. You're very smart and able to analyze the people around you. You're starting to define your aesthetic, trying out more dramatic styles than you had before. Suddenly you're seeing subtle wrinkles around your eyes and that is causing you to FREAK OUT and become an evil genie (okay, maybe not the second part).

    25: Scar


    Ahh, the year of the quarter-life crisis. Many changes in your life have suddenly taken hold all at once, causing you to try to take control as best you can, and possibly lash out as a result. One or more significant losses may occur in your life at this time, and things might feel like they're spiraling out of control, though you'll keep an appearance of total control at all times. It's important to be prepared, because 26 will be much of the same.

    26: Maleficent


    26 is kind of, like, well, 25 but...more. The quarter-life crisis is still raging, and all the unexpected life experiences continue to snowball. Because of the stress, changes, and everything else, you start experimenting with your style again, this time taking on more of a gothic vibe. You feel major FOMO every time you see your friends did something without you. This is one reason why you're still kinda petty. Overall, you're just doing your best and looking fabulous.

    27: Ursula


    You're now 27 and after years of people asking you what you want to do with your life, you're starting to actually know the answer. You feel more confident than ever before, and that has helped you in your dating endeavors and social situations. You have charisma, style, and interesting personal hobbies. You're extremely devoted to your close friends, and they, in turn, are very devoted to you. Though you still have some emotional growth to complete, you're well on your way toward domination of an entire kingdom – I mean, uh, becoming mature and responsible.

    28: Hades


    You're firmly in your late twenties, and you're feeling pretty chill about it. You still have a lot to work out in your life, but you know how much you've grown throughout the years. You have a good sense of humor that can sometimes be a little self-deprecating, but it's all in good fun. You're generally self-assured, even during difficult moments.

    29: Lady Tremaine


    As a 29-year-old, you've reached the point where you just don't give a damn what people think anymore! On top of that, you somehow feel SOOO OLD compared to anyone younger than you, even if the age difference is only a few years. Somehow that's enough to start saying "I'm soooo old!" and "You're sooo young!" Still, you feel a bit bitter towards those younger than you, and you have anxiety about turning 30. Suddenly, tons of grey hair has started to crop up from the stress of the previous years. You've finally let go of the pretense that going out all the time is better than staying home, and you embrace relaxing nights in with your cat.

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