15 Pictures That Clearly Explain Why Winter Is The Fucking Worst


    1. If you live somewhere that gets cold in the winter, you know how awful it feels when the season changes.

    2. You never want to get out of bed in the winter, because it's dark so much of the day, and your bed is so, so warm.

    3. When the sun actually does come out in the winter, you're never prepared for it, and it's so bright from bouncing off the snow that it feels like your eyeballs are burning off.

    4. And don't even get me started on winter's trademark...(drumroll)...Seasonal Affective Disorder. It's so real that when someone suggests you exercise, it's almost funny.

    5. In reality, winter exercise is nowhere near comfortable.

    6. Even just coming back inside from the freezing cold is a rollercoaster of different temperatures and emotions.

    7. No two buildings have the same temperature during the winter, but 99% of them are way too hot for any human being.

    8. In the freezing cold of winter, hot showers feel sooo good...

    9. ...but, combined with the winter air, leave your skin horribly, disgustingly dry.

    10. And if you think you're going to look nice in the winter...

    11. ...you're wrong.

    12. Just putting on your heavy coat so you can brave the cold weather is somehow an issue every time.

    13. Winter is at least fun when you're growing up and can play in the snow, but who has time for that anymore?! Snow is merely an obstacle now.

    14. And winter travel is always a harrowing experience, to say the very least.

    15. The sad truth is, we always miss summer in the winter, and miss winter in the summer. The only good season is fall, and I guess MAYBE spring, and that is NOT up for debate! Unless you want to debate in the comments. Just be polite, please!

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