Which Character From “Fuller House” Are You?

Oh Mylanta!

    1. I still live there rent-free, as I assume all adults do?
    2. Yeah, I went back and visited once or twice.
    3. Barely. I don’t live in my hometown anymore.
    4. I grew up there, blacked out for 21 years, and now I live there again.
    5. I basically grew up in my best friend’s house.
    6. Yeah, I’m still growing up in it.
    1. Musician
    2. Comedian
    3. Stay-at-home parent
    4. TV host
    5. Veterinarian
    6. Podiatrist
    7. Fashion Designer
    8. Student
    9. Funemployed
    1. Well, I just LOVE to dance!
    2. Constantly going on short trips to visit family
    3. Playing with other peoples’ babies
    4. Stalking my crush
    5. Fine-tuning my personal brand
    6. Causing trouble ;)
    1. Hold a grudge
    2. Hug it out! :)
    3. Dance!!!!!!!!!!
    4. A good, old-fashioned Silly String fight
    5. Cause more conflict, probably
    6. Are you kidding? With these good looks and charm, I can solve anything.
    1. Send them flowers
    2. Write them a love song
    3. Buy them something expensive
    4. I don’t have to; they’ve made it clear they’re already interested in me.
    5. Just kiss them
    6. Still trying to figure that one out
    1. My family
    2. My single lifestyle
    3. BABIES!!!!!!!!!!!!
    4. Sleep
    5. My wonderful S.O.
    6. A puppet
    1. Yes, and I just found out they’re getting married!
    2. Yes, and we have rekindled our love after all these years.
    3. I haven’t had one yet.
    4. It’s the person I’m crushing on right now.
    5. There are more important things in life than romance.
    6. Yeah, I do. Do YOU? I want all the details!!!!!!!!
    1. You have one catchphrase, and you say it constantly.
    2. You’re quiet and reserved.
    3. You make a lot of mistakes, but you’re good-natured at heart.
    4. You’re unapologetically weird.
    5. You’re kind of flying off the handle, and no one’s really talking about it.
    6. You’re super lovable, to the point where some find a little annoying sometimes.
    1. My unique wardrobe
    2. A handmade gift from someone close to me
    3. My hair
    4. I’m not really a material person.

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