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Can You Help Me Find A Halloween Costume For My Son?

My son chose a scary Halloween costume, but I told him no. I want to give him an alternative choice so he can go trick-or-treating. Can you please help?

Yesterday my son, Webster, told me what he wanted to be for Halloween.

He really likes that evil character from the Harry Potter movies, Ron. I don't think that's appropriate.

I want to give him another, nicer idea for his Halloween costume so I can still take him trick-or-treating. I'd appreciate help on this! Thanks!

I don't like ghosts or draculas, either. They're too tasteless and macabre for me. Why can't everyone just dress nicely?

Here's my first idea: I know he likes Harry Potter, so how about a fun magician instead?

Or a mailman.

I think our next door neighbor, Pierre, would be honored if my son dressed up like him for Halloween.

Or Shrek the Giant.

A racecar (But not too fast!)

A boy who doesn't talk back to his mother [not pictured].

The rolling ball from Star Trek.

A butcher who is good at his job, and people respect that.

His uncle Leonard, who I think he should spend more time with, because he's a good role model and has good stories.

A bank teller.

Any member of the cast of Mama's Family would be fine with me.