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9 Types Of Underwear You Probably Own

Don't act like you don't know.

1. The pair that's falling apart but you still keep in case you run out of every single other pair while putting off doing laundry.

2. The pair you used to try to meticulously take care of, but now you don't even bother because your period has completely ruined them.

3. The super-fancy, lacy pair that you wear only when you have a date that night because they need to be hand-washed.

4. The extremely mediocre pair that make you audibly say "eh" and shrug when you pick them out of the drawer.

5. The pair you never wear because they're too small even though they're technically your size, but you only found out they were too small after you went home and tried them on, but then you couldn't return them so now they just sit in your drawer, reminding you of the money you wasted.

6. The brightly colored pair you got at Victoria's Secret in high school and for some reason still keep around, even though they have an embarrassing phrase on the butt that you now realize was way too overtly sexual for a ninth-grader.

7. The thong you have from that time you tried wearing a thong.

8. The super-comfy and soft pair you save for a day when you're really gonna want some small, special thing to make you feel good.

9. The pair that always slowly creep into your butt and give you a wedgie when you wear them, but you always forget this happens so you keep wearing them and getting wedgies.