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    Posted on Jul 24, 2017

    7 Types Of Kisses You've Had In Your Life

    Let's swap spit.

    The Lil' Peck

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

    Just a quick lil' peck! So cute! So sweet! So refreshing!

    The Full-Face Attack

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

    When your mouths are both opened as wide as they can possibly go and fitted into each other's like suction cups, like you're trying to give each other simultaneous mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

    The First French Kiss

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

    You know what I'm talking about. That awkward kiss where you don't really know what you're doing, so you just kind of open your mouth while the other person rubs their tongue all over your mouth and teeth, and spit ends up everywhere.

    The Tongue Expedition

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

    This is your standard fully-shoving-your-tongue-in-the-other-person's-mouth kiss.

    The Bite-'N'-Stretch

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

    In which you turn your partner's lips into a chew toy in between smooches.

    The Closed-Mouth Only

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

    This series of quick kisses involves never opening your mouth. You just keep kissin' those pursed lips. Why? No one knows. Probably not even the initiator of this weird lip dance.

    The Elderly Relative

    Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

    This is a kiss we all know too well. They want to kiss you on the lips; you want them to kiss you on the cheek. And so it goes.

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