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18 Times Kids Proved They Were Too Pure For This World

Smiles guaranteed.

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1. This important lesson:

2. This food fight:

3. This thoughtful animal lover:


4. This strange new 3D video game:

5. This engineer in training:

6. This #musician:

7. This scientific thinker:


8. This very honorable dude:

9. This excellent personal brand:

10. This girl, who has seen some things in her day:

11. This late-night ponderer:

20th Century Fox Television

12. This weird compliment:

13. This shoe mascot:

14. This genius marketing strategy:

15. This very pure misheard-word moment:

16. This metaphor for the literature fans:

17. This kid, who doesn't have time for technicalities:

18. This astute observation:

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