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19 Things People Who Went To A Big School Won't Understand


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1. You knew every single person at your school...

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2. ...which had grades K-12, maybe even all in one building.

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

3. So as a high schooler, you were like:

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4. You knew most of the people you graduated with since kindergarten.

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5. You had one teacher per subject, who taught multiple grades.

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6. You had the same teachers that your older siblings, and possibly even parents, had.

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7. Everyone knew your whereabouts at all times.

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8. If you got in trouble during school, your parents probably knew about it by the time you got home.

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9. You and your friends dated a lot of the same people, because the dating pool was so small...

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10. ...Except when they were your relatives, which was always pretty likely.


11. Dances were held in the lunch room, and prom was in the gym, followed by an all-night lock-in at school.

12. Your sports teams didn't have tryouts, because they always needed enough people for a team.

Andrea Hickey / BuzzFeed

13. And there's a good chance you did sports AND the school play at the same time.

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14. Most of your friends drove trucks, and someone drove a tractor to school at least once.

15. You had classmates who went hunting before school, and then came to school wearing camo.

16. You square or line danced during gym.

17. The person who came into your school in 7th grade was still a "new kid" as a senior.

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18. It took a lot for your school to close for a snow day.

19. And maybe there wasn't much for you and your friends to do on the weekends, but there was always a good bonfire to enjoy.

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