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Can I Make You Fess Up To A Crime?

Come on, wise guy. Give it to me straight. I know you're up to something.

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  1. Hey, you. Yeah, you. I want to punch the bag with you for a minute. Don’t worry, I ain’t a copper.

    Is that so?
    Hooverville! FDR! Ham costs 27 cents!
  2. Word on the street is, there’s a speakeasy around here.

    Hot socks!
    I'm keen on it.
  3. You been there tonight? You're looking awfully hopped up.

    And how!
    Now you're on the trolley, Leroy!
    Technicolor jalopy!
  4. How's about you take me in there? Looks like the kind of place that'll fix you a Mickey, if you ask right.

    Well now, just a minute. I’m changing my story. I’ve never stepped foot in that joint!
    I’ll slip you a sawbuck if you hightail it out of here right now, mister.
    Why, sure. Shake a leg, I've got a guy on the inside. It's gonna cost you, though.
  5. I can tell you’ve got more wire than you’re letting on. Spill it!

    Hey, lay off, why don't you?
    Why, I oughta!
    So's your old man!
  6. Don’t be a sap.

    Another wisecrack like that and I'll sock you!
    Tell it to Sweeney!
    Hooey! Quit being such a wet blanket, for crying out loud.
  7. C'mon, buster. The jig is up.

    Hey, what's the big idea?
    I'm just a patsy in this scheme, hear me?
    Greta Garbo deco radio! Little Orphan Annie!
  8. That's right. Your pal here ratted you out. This was all a set-up, see? You can either confess now or later.

    I barely know the guy. I bummed a snipe off him earlier.
    Aw, he knows squat. He's just in a lather with me on a count of I stole his dame!
    The pill's a grifter. Don't trust him!
    Louis Armstrong! Swing! Wingtips!
  9. Give it a rest. I said the jig is up, hear me? You've got a one-way ticket to the big house.

    Now stop the train, Charlie, you've got yourself all balled up!
    Now you hold it just a minute, fella, the jazz stops right here!
    Now listen, you rag-a-muffin, you'd better beat it!
    You won't catch me; I'm going on the lam!

Can I Make You Fess Up To A Crime?

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