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    9 Times Your Style Is Basically Your Frenemy

    *gives up and puts on pajamas*

    1. When you emerge from Sephora with 10 different shades of red and purple smeared all over your hands.

    2. When a pair of heels make your outfit look perfect, but you're screaming inside all day.

    3. When the weather crushes both the hairstyle you spent hours on, and your spirit.

    4. When you realize you hate bra shopping even more than going to IKEA.

    5. When you think you finally found your signature color, only to be disappointed...again.

    6. When you can't have nice things.

    7. Those moments when you seriously consider doing a 180 on your look altogether.

    8. When you pull this little trick, and it feels pretty good, too:

    9. And at the end of the day, when your clothes are there for you like no one else: