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17 Kids Who Aren't Playing Around

Ouch. Might want to put some baby powder on that.

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1. The new winner of the iPad privileges:

2. This regular teacher:

3. Tony, the big nerd:

4. This innocent victim of their own hormones:

5. Sophia:

6. This dad:

7. The patriarchy:

8. This mom and her boobies:

9. Katherine's parents, who don't trust her with money:

10. This 27-year-old with only a few good years left:

11. This sleepy dad:

12. This kid's toilet-stricken mom:

13. This broke mom:

14. This lucky parent:

15. Whoever found this upon waking:

16. This mom with her own personal stylist:

17. And the recipient of the Third-Degree Burn Award goes to:

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