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So You're Trapped Inside A Chuck E. Cheese's Play Tube

Follow these steps to get out.

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Being trapped inside a Chuck E. Cheese's play tube as an adult can be very distressing. No matter what your reasoning was for entering the play area, you shouldn't blame yourself for getting stuck. It's important to realize that you will get out of the tube. Just stay calm, and follow these steps.

1. Understand the situation you're in.

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Before you do anything, understand your situation. You're inside a Chuck E. Cheese's play tube.

Don't be embarassed. Each year, tens of adults get stuck inside Chuck E. Cheese's play tubes.

2. Stay calm.

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It's important to remember not to scream or shake the tube. This will only agitate the children around you who now cannot access the passages you are currently blocking.

Don't be worried. The animatronic band is not mad at you.

3. Start wiggling.

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Remember, though, don't shake the tube, so as not to rile up the young ones. Just start wiggling your body very, very slightly. You are trying to raise your body temperature. Do this for several minutes.

If you hear children call you names like "Idiot Wiggler" or "Large Tube Horror," just sing a song in your head to tune it out.


4. Let your sweat do the rest. This will work!

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Now that you've raised your body temperature from all the wiggling, you should be sweating quite a bit. The sweat will lubricate your body and you will be able to squirm through the tube. It won't be an easy journey, but you'll get out.

Make sure not to choose an exit strategy that puts you in the path of ongoing children, which could agitate them.

5. That didn't work? Text for help.

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Presumably you're reading this on your phone. If no one has figured out for this long that you have created an obstruction in the play tube with your own body, you must send a text to someone on the outside.

Remember to keep your phone on vibrate so that you don't scare the young ones.

6. Become removed by a third party from the tube.

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This is a situation now. The tube will be evacuated of all children, and a strong Chuck E. Cheese's employee or fire marshall will have to take apart pieces of the tube and pull you out.

At this point, you should not be wiggling anymore. In fact, do not move at all. It is best to remain perfectly still while you are being pulled out of the tube, like a newborn baby.

It is normal to be afraid or embarassed, but remember to stay calm and relax! You are being taken out of the tube. You will be able to see your friends again.

7. Resume your activities.

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You have been removed from the play tube. You can now eat pizza, watch the band perform, play games, redeem your tickets (if applicable), or exit Chuck E. Cheese's.

It is a good idea to wash your hands after being in the play tube. Children are dirty.

Don't feel ashamed as you walk to the parking lot with your friends. Remember, it was an accident!